without a plan

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Miss Dixon happily posing for the photographer

There's a cool breeze blowing in my office window this morning, coming from the harbour and the sky is dark and stormy looking. It looks and feels like rain is in the air. My hot bath with lavender and bubbles awaits me and my second cup of coffee sits here beside me in my lovely big favourite Starbucks mug.

I have an almost free weekend this weekend. One little bit of design work to finish up, pas de television (my cable TV has finally been disconnected rendering 29 Black Street completely channel less - phew !) and a house and garden filled with potential projects. I have a week left to gather and create things for my next 14 things swap which must be mailed off to sunny California on the 14th. I can very easily become overwhelmed by possibilities with two days ahead of me and nothing but choices when it comes to deciding how I will fill up my time. Not having a spontaneous bone in my body I always feel like I must always have a plan and a detailed to-do list to accompany the plan (even though I most often become desperately sidetracked and veer far off the beaten plan I feel comforted by starting with some direction and purpose) - a tad compulsive n'est pas ? Smile.

So plan-less, as of yet, I will have my bath (an excellent venue to ponder the plan). Les chats are happy and fed, the Bleetness is out prowling around in the garden and Miss Dixon's asleep in her bed waiting for me to become ready ... and another weekend lies in wait.

9:15 am - came home from an extra long Saturdy morning beach walk to find the body of the baby crow lying in a patch of forget-me-nots very near my front door. It wasn't there when we left at 7 am. It's very sad, those poor parents who have raised and nurtured their baby and have been swooping and squawking and anxiously flitting from branch to branch constantly since earlier this week when the baby tumbled from the nest high atop our front garden pine tree. I'm hoping that Lulu and Bleet had nothing to do with this misfortune (this neighbourhood has many cats, and many stray, thin and young - as opposed to my fat Bleet and my old Lulu) ... I know this is nature ... but it's still sad.


  1. i love how miss dixon is the perfect model for you,sitting there just waiting for you to click the perfect photo.

    i can see what you're saying about our society shunning sadness. i think one of the things i enjoy most about getting older is that i can just be what i am and feel what i feel without caring what others think. no societal pressure feels good to me. i started a new job 2 weeks ago and i amamazed at how i approach this new job situation so differently than i ever have in my life. there's a stronger sense of confidence and much less pressure to be liked or accepted. it is really quite refreshing!

  2. That face, that face, that wonderful face! You know, you do have some awfully adorable companions.

  3. Miss Dixon certainly has gotten the hang of getting her picture taken. And she is not only adorable to look at but a total joy to spend time with. She is the best gal pal this girl could ever ask for. She has been my comfort, especially these last few months.


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