a rainy day

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

stormy skies at the lighthouse beach

From my wide open office windows I can hear seagulls and lobster boats leaving our little harbour and the sound of the gentle falling rain - the kind that falls straight down for there is no wind this early Wednesday morning and the air is warm and balmy. Every window in the house is wide open - I love that.

I had a windfall a few years back, a windfall in US$ and back in the day when the American dollar was worth 50% more than our dollar. I was smart with that money and I replaced every window in this big old brick house with big beautiful double pane, energy efficient, easy to open and easy to clean windows. All 22 of them.

My life has felt content and filled with busyness lately (the good kind of busy). Lots of assigned design projects my from my two main customers, bits of yard and garden and home reno projects on the go, and dreaming and scheming up my own creative ventures while sitting happily in front of my new 24" imac beast and at my lovely new teak topped desk with all it's drawers and cubby holes and it's large expansive work space that I can spread myself out on. Sigh. I love working in my newly painted and oh so organized and tidy office. Winnie tucked in her bed in her cave at my feet. Oliver & Gussie draped together, in a knot of calico and tabby, on their pillow in the big wide windowsill. Bleet prowling around outside in the garden upsetting the birds, and my old gal Lulu guarding the front door and napping in her pillow topped white wicker chair that sits on our front porch.

Things are quiet and simple here at 29 Black street this week ... and I always love a rainy day ... I am a rainy day.


  1. Oh my. Oh dear me. This site is just heaven.

  2. I'm the same way...I love rainy days. This past weekend was heavenly...intermittent rain and thunder-boomers all weekend long. It was grand. Perfect weather for curling up with a good book and a cat on your lap.

  3. Susan, those photos are stunning...really breathtaking. Your views are incredible.

    It is stormy over here, too, this morning...thunder and pelting rain.

  4. Oh, I love to be tucked up in my home when it is raining.

  5. Lovely. Rain and balmy weather are always so nice. You sound happy, and that's wonderful, and it's such a treat for me to visit your serene world.

  6. I'm gonna get me one of those ticklesticks....I looked for a store near me...and guess what? There is one in Chinook Shopping Centre... I bet you remember where that is.
    From the look of the pics..yours was the "Fishstick"..... I like the colours the best...hey...and made right here in Canada too... New Brunswick...

  7. I am definitely a rainy day person too. Man, fantastic photos! I love these. You live in such a beautiful day. One of these days.


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