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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

crescent beach from susan black on Vimeo.

oh oh ! look out she's recently remembered the video function on her camera, and vimeo makes it all so easy. Stay tuned for more tres exciting 29 Black Street events and happenings caught on video - Oliver's high speed parkour trials, intense kitten mutual grooming, Bleet as he ponders the big questions in life from his spot on our front porch and lots, lots more of Missy D. .... maybe I'll even give you a tour of the jungle - I mean home and garden tour.

I know the quality's not great (I'm not using a video camera it's just the video function on my existing digital camera) and please forgive the choppy camera work I need to practice.

This is where Winnie D and I sit each morning a half way spot on our walk. The sun's just up and we sit on our big rock, gaze out into the straight, look at each other and smile and I say Hey Missy D it's another brand new day !

* I watched Rachel Getting Married the other night - a haunting & beautiful movie (my favourite kind ) and the most perfect & lovely wedding ever ...


  1. Hello. Video - this is an exciting development! It is so different to see your beach this way. WD is camera shy isnt she, always looking away. Or perhaps she just so used to it she just does her own thing knowing that soon the paparazzi will have got their shot and go away ;)

    Will look forward to kitten antics.

    Will you be making an appearance too?

  2. I enjoyed looking at your view...with sound, Susan. And had to chuckle over Missy D's contented posing for the camera. Your crescent beach walk is just beautiful. Have a joyful day!

  3. Hi Susan, I enjoyed watching the video of your beach and listening to the waves lap upon the shore.
    I often come over here to look at your photos,especially the flowers and grasses they are always amazing and I enjoy reading your posts; I don't often leave a comment but tonight I have.
    This is a very beautiful blog and a pleasant place to visit. ♡

  4. I love it! Miss D is now a movie star!!!

  5. I LOVE that beach and the sound that goes with it. I wish I could hear that every day. And seeing Miss D in action... even better! She looks so happy. I can tell she loves it too.

  6. There better be some crab ripping video from the Crab Hound or...or...well, there just better.

  7. B Shamu she spied a big fat ground hog yesterday sunning itself on the grass in the park. Turns out he lives in a burrow amidst the big rocks that form the sea wall directly along our twice daily path. Yee Ha ! she pronounced. So ... it's Muskrat hounding, Crab tolling, and some Ground Hog herding on her newly updated resume. She was beside herself with terrier joy... let me sniff here one more time.

  8. Well life certainly got more interesting for the Winnster. Beach, dirt, burrowing animal? You are right, terrier heaven.

  9. Fun to hear those marvelous crashing waves!! Looking forward to more Blackstreet movies!

  10. okay..we willbe waiting for more videos
    Benny & Lily

  11. Video was really nice!!
    I mean reality meeting with an invisible identity..
    Oh, btw..its one of my favorite movie too..I like that kind!
    Waiting to see more such kind of posts from your end, from your village..
    Keep writing!!

  12. For a while I thought you were referring to the "Crescent Beach" that used to be on the Canadian ten? dollar bill. But now I shall have to reorientate myself. The video component is really fun.

  13. Next best thing to being there! How wonderful to see all those "stills" I enjoy come to life, especially Miss D in her colourful collar. Looking forward to more.

  14. Yay for motion!
    I watched that movie just recently too.
    Quite heartbreaking at times but really well done.

  15. What a lovely way to start a day. Surely, a walk along this beach each morning would put most of us in a great frame of mind. Oh, how I 'need' to see the sea...

  16. I'm surprised you could get any sounds at all from your camera! It was fun to see these videos.


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