Saturday, August 15, 2009

early morning harbour

There are boats in the harbour already this early morning. I can hear the waves from their wake hitting the rocky shoreline that edges the park, steps away from our front door. It's that quiet and still this morning. The constant hum of crickets, the cheery chattering of the finches just up and beginning their day and the terribly unflattering squawking of the great blue herons fishing down at the waters edge.

It's going to be a hot scorching day +31C - as hot really as it ever gets here in our summers. Perfect beach weather. Miss D and I had a dip in the ocean last night and the water was warm and felt very soothing, although Dee might beg to differ - she worries when Mamas in the water, plodding along up to her arm pits with an anxious, if we must, look on her face. We have a secret little cove that we go to less than a 5 min. walk away. A beach towel, a big jug of water and me and my girl.


  1. Love your photo of Miss D. She has the sweetest look in her eyes. The cedar waxwings have arrived here to eat the fruit on the crab trees. I was told the apples make them drunk! Yesterday a finch hit and bedroom window and knocked itself out...but recovered quickly. It's nice to know I always have nature as my best friend. And nice people in blog land to share it with. Thank you for all your photos.

  2. so beautiful. what a rich life. the beach and thee with water makes three. guess the chicklets arent into swimming??

  3. I'd love an evening dip in the ocean! I haven't even been to the ocean this year except for Crab Fest 4th of July! xoxo to the gang!

  4. The main chiclet (Bleet) is into lolling - lolling about belly up like a big fat sea lion in a patch of sun on "his" front porch. The baby chiclets - the kittens are into spurts of mad, uninhibited parkour -ing- French for free running or the Art of Movement "all" around this old house interspersed with breaks for intense mutual grooming followed by resting periods where they lie tangled up together in a bundle of kitteness.

  5. It is SO beautiful there. You are living my little fantasy life for me, so I think you for that. :) And I once had a wonderful lab (when I was much younger) that went swimming in the river with me. Some of the nicest memories I have are of that dog, a long dirt road, a river, and a summer's day. xox Pam

  6. The second and third shots are simpl superb....
    Awesome lighting effect in the pictures..:)
    Enjoy the little sunny times that you get, we're always faced with scorching summers..rains are minimal and we have no winter..Terrible right?? I know!!
    An enriched way of living moments is what I like about your blog..Awesome..Feels like dipping myself in that clear crystal like elixir...Amazing!
    Keep writing and enjoy!!

  7. The Winnster's not a swimmer? More of a wader is she?

    WAIT....Did Carol say Crab FEST???

    (...what were we talking about?)

  8. Such beauty.
    Edward would never get in the water, I'm afraid. Miss D deserves kudos for getting in up to her armpits!!

    Have a lovely weekend with your good girl!

  9. What beautiful pictures. We like them
    Benny & Lily

  10. That "anxious if we must look on her face". Awww.

  11. Beautiful pictures!!!!!!
    So calm, so quiet and serene.


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