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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

sea grass, sand flats and a big sky

The tide was low on our walk last night and along the crescent beach up in the sky were two crows flying together, swooping and diving, cawing to each other, chasing and then flying away. Side by side they flew, wings almost touching, back and forth, up and down in a perfect synchronicity. You could tell that they were having fun. We stood on the beach a long time just watching them and smiling and I looked down at Winnie D who had stopped and was sitting comfortably (she's so used to her Mama stopping (and often) either to peer at something or to take a few photos, that she sits almost instantly and waits very patiently, always). I said to her

Missy D, those crows are in love ... I can just tell

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  1. They don't call it "the birds and the bees" for nothing! HA! Great pictures! Love to you and all the les gang! How the "new dog" thing coming? Decided yet? :)

  2. Lovely pictures, Susan... both from your camera and in your words.

  3. What a lovely image you painted here with your setting of the scene, watching the crows fly-play and then talking to your gentle Miss D. Love the flowing grasses in the photos, Susan.

  4. I think I am going to turn into a little fly and come see where you live. I'll be very quiet, and I won't disrupt your daily schedule. :) Love these posts, Susan!

  5. Hi Susan and Em
    We like your pictures. Mom took some too.
    Benny & Lily

  6. i'm wondering what sweet words miss winnie d whispered back to you about those 2 crows in love. smile!

    delightful photos and story today, susan! the exact reasons i always come visit you.

  7. What lovely pictures..both the ones you shot with your camera and the one you paint with your words...Miss Winnie D is the perfect walking companion. She knows a bird inlove when she sees one I know.

  8. I have such a hankering for grass and cloud photos! So calming!


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