being present

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the bluest of blues ... oh lobelia how I do love you

there is no moment like the present

Marie Edgeworth

[prez-uh nt] adjective being before the mind, being, existing, or occurring at this time or now

I don't know why it's so difficult, this being in the moment stuff. It's not like it's not pleasant, that is when I finally remember to visit there, maybe even stay and hang out awhile, and the secret seems to be, for me anyway - remembering to go there. I just get busy, you know that fake kind of busy where very little is actually accomplished ... and I forget to be present.

How are ya now ? and I mean right now, this moment ?
Uh, hmm ... actually, at this very moment (with a surprised but confident tone) I am fine.

Who am I kidding it's better than pleasant - it's almost always great ... it's almost always easy.
Easy like Sunday morning. And isn't that how I'd rather live ? Another great question.

I watched Geneen Roth on Oprah yesterday afternoon, a follow up visit to answer audience questions about her latest book Women, Food & God. Everyone in the audience had read the book and everyone in the audience has battled with some evil food/eating disorder demon. As I watched the show I was reminded, yet again, that it's all so connected. The secret to everything is really about the moment. So simple ... being conscious and being aware ... yet so difficult to attain. I simply forget to go there. I forget that I actually like it there. My head's always racin' around, busily multi tasking worry, fret, plan, past, present, future, present, plan, plan, past, past, past. Sigh.

She suggests you ask yourself this 64,000.00 question. Uh Huh.

Am I hungry ?
Hunger ? ... hunger ?? pfttttt ....what's that got to do with anything ??

Geneen told one woman from the audience that it may take a very long time for her to actually know what true hunger feels like. Watching the show made tears well up in my eyes because it all hits home with me ... it hits my heart.

So ... dammit ! today (big deep breath) I will try again being present as much as I can


  1. I especially love the first photo...I didn't know what it was at first, and I rather enjoyed that.

  2. Hi Elenka - I find lately I'm really "into" the more abstract, out of focus "mistake" photos. I love just holding the camera away from me, not using the viewfinder and shooting away. Sigh - it is an obsession with me (much like you with your beautiful paintings - and beach angels -wink).

  3. while i was out in california visiting my mother in law, who is a good friend, she took me to her yoga class. the instructor would say often during the sequence

    "i am all right, right now. all my needs are being met"

    you wouldnt believe how often i fall back on that.

    "am i okay right now? yes, yes i am. so stop worrying about'll unfold as it is meant to."

    off to go look at your design blogs.

    almost finished with my studio! now i can work on my CE!!!

  4. forgot to say - love the lobelia

  5. beautiful photos and i must say that Winnie has the most soulful eyes and calming presence.

  6. Sweetest Susan,
    I am struggling with "being in the moment" today. I am usually good at doing that, but today is not that day. Ugh. =/

    Beautiful post as always, as well as your photography.

    Much love

  7. i feel like i know geneen roth. my mom started reading her books before i was born, and quoted her all during my upbringing. i'm glad those things touched you :)

    fabulous post, dear!

    xo Alison

  8. Lovely thoughts and much needed today. Right now all is well. Wasn't it Tich Nat Han who said "peace is every step." It's every breath, every step. Thank you for the reminder....

  9. good thoughts here too about being present. So true--so hard to really do, isn't it?

    I must comment too on your photos as usual and tell you I just love your two blue flowers shot. Amazing.


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