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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

cut paper & gouache sketch* - Merci, David Byrne & Talking Heads

Uh Huh ! and if today just happened ... to be your birthday ... well then, you just go on and

Dare to be the kind of person who follows their dream all the way to the end. You may not know what the end result of your creative efforts might be but you do know that if you don’t make the effort you will always regret it.

Globe & Mail horoscopes


Ah, sweet success. It’s been coming your way since June, when Uranus and Jupiter powered into Aries, your tenth house of ambition and career. The nature of your work is undergoing radical changes now. For some Cancers, that could mean a promotion (complete with fancy title), a new line of work, or a rock-solid gig with a well-established company (hello, benefits!). Other Crabs are d-o-n-e with one chapter of your career and ready for a whole new direction. If so, do it in a big way. You’ve accumulated years of experience and wisdom, or at least, a solid body of knowledge. Now, it’s time to package yourself as the expert that you are. Begin to market yourself as a knowledgeable pro, and be the face of your brand.

A career revolution has been well underway for the past month, thanks to Jupiter and Uranus showering your tenth house with ambitious energy. While your wallet may be bursting with business cards, it’s time to refine & design your ladder-climbing (or let's say ... um ... some Creative Empire building) plans. Uh Huh Uh Huh !

Elle horoscopes

Could it all be true ? fingers crossed. Any other Cancers out there ?

* pardon typo - word your should be you're - doin' things too fast sometimes - big ol' eye roll


  1. Susan - should it not be "you're" rather than "your"? I often see this your written when I think it should be you're - I know the English language is forever changing. Am I just not with the times?

  2. Penny - Yes ! "you're" absolutely right. Please see my little pardon my typo note* at the bottom of this post.

  3. Sweet! Cancer moon here. But I'm kinda screwed up, with a Libra Sun and Scorpio Rising mixed in there. So you enjoy that horoscope and the rest of us will hope some of that rubs off on us.

  4. A common mistake Susan. The English language has way too many rules. Growing up in Quebec meant learning English straight from the book - no exceptions, and I guess all those rules stuck. Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather we're having.

  5. Hey Penny ... I rush "too often" when I'm working and often overlook things, like grammar and spelling, that I do consider to be very important. Merci for the comments and yes it's been gorgeous here - hot & sunny !

  6. I am supposed to be a Cancer, but don't believe in horoscopes. I guess you could say I believe that God controls the stars and my life. Stars and planets and the cosmos are bigger every time an astronomer gets a better telescope, so there HAS to be SOMEONE behind it.


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