mid july

Sunday, July 18, 2010

summer moments

and summer's lease has all too short a date

William Shakespeare


  1. Oh Miss Winnie, you are the very definition of wind blown. Love that face.

    Ummmm, you have some food you need to identify Miss Let Me Throw Some Delicious Food in there To Tease Them!

  2. Hey B Shammy that would be grilled tandoori chicken with whole wheat tortillas, lemony loads of garlic - cucumber yogurt raita and a grilled veggie salad - last night's dinner.


    and that Missy D she has my heart

  3. Oh so yummy and Heart Healthy which is good because Winnie says she loves healthy hearts. More walks.

  4. My sweet, sweet Susan. Would you come walk with me and the pups, (and your furry gang) for a summer's night? :)

    Love you oh so much. Appreciate you. xo


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