Thursday, May 26, 2011

part deux - twenty more snippets of a fantastic four days of friendship

I wouldn't have seen it
If I hadn't believed it.

Marshall McLuhan

This quote recited to me by MLou my first night in Halifax
& the moral of that story ... believe in everything

believe in yourself, believe you can, believe you will, believe.

believe - in - it - all ... why not ?

Hello & thank you also to Lauchie (Mary Lou's long time other half) for the fantastic visit in your lovely home. I know he's checking in from Thailand, to see someone else's view of his home.

and the Christina Martin song currently stuck in my head + happily so


  1. Of course I'm checking in. Great photos. The small plants in the crack in the granite looked like a thicket of trees on a snow-dusted tundra. Good illusion. I'm glad you had such a good time with Mary Lou. Maybe next time I'll be there. I promise I won't get in the way of the chat-a-thon (as if I could). Bye for now. Lauchie

  2. Couple of it a real pear or a ceramic pear? Why are you torturing me with incredible food pictures when, at best, today I'll be lucky to eat? Uh, the dude hanging in the metal cage in what seems to be a British uni, what was his crime?

  3. xoxo L.

    and yes another ceramic piece - la pear. The food was fantastic- simple delicious fresh ingredients including the best orange french toast with warm maple syrup that I've ever had.

    Who needs restaurants ??

  4. That pear is beautiful. And look at you, contributing another future Mapril entry.

  5. I have the same question as Shamu. The leaf thickness suggests sculpture. Yesterday's prickly buckeye image had me wondering, I concluded it was a real found object but now that I see it next to the pear... Are they both sculptures?

    Dude in cage is likely to have been a pirate. These were hung in harbors to remind outgoing sailors the consequences of going rogue.

  6. John, I thought pirate too but the uniform threw me.

  7. Right-Tee-O you are John.

    Hanging in the foyer of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Maybe MLou will post a comment re: ceramic artists of pear & horseshoe chestnut ... both incredibly beautiful.

  8. Big Shamu and John are both correct. The pear is ceramic and the leaf and twig is sculpted metal (cast, I assume). The two pieces come from the UK: Penkridge Ceramics. They create amazingly detailed fruits and veg – (

    And dude in cage could have been a mutineer sailor rather then a pirate. During the Napolenic Wars The Royal Navy hung mutineers from Hangman's Beach at the entrance to the harbour.

  9. Oh how I needed that quote today!! Believe believe believe!!!

    Your photos are so far beyond enticing these last couple of days - must have been an INCREDIBLE trip!

  10. terrific quote + lovely pictures.

    your photos often make me "homesick", but in a good way, i assure you.

    glad you got to Brooklyn Warehouse (good friends of mine own it)+ Janes and all of the other wonderful tidbits Halifax has to offer.

    we all need these get aways every once in a while--can't wait to get to N.S. in July.

  11. Great post Susan -enjoyed learning about the ceramics, history and there is so much to admire with that beautiful scenery.

  12. Thank you MLou for the penkridgeceramics link.

  13. Quite a trip! Fabulous photos.....

  14. OMG!!! The third picture in this group is so breathtakingly gorgeous it makes me want to WEEP!!!! You are BEYOND amazing!!! Love your work!


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