Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Zinnias No.1 - 9 x 13 coffee stain, collage, gouache & ink - Susan Black - in my etsy shop now

Always leave enough time in your life to do something
that makes you happy, satisfied, even joyous.
That has more of an effect on economic well-being
than any other single factor.

Paul Hawken

'cause frivolity ... is how this feels

no plan ... uh huh ! I did say no plan. ???
spontaneity, exploration, fun & frivolity
how can this be work ?? it's not difficult
but it is very scary

No plan except a few loose self imposed parameters. Have I mentioned before my love of a few rules. A sheet of 400gm cold press water colour paper quickly painted with leftover black coffee, a box of bits & pieces, tissue paper, sewing patterns, drawing pens in black & white in various sizes and the idea to limit my colour palette to some favourite neutrals - blacks, creams, beiges, krafts. Then always bossy red. I try to leave her out, she & I fight and squabble and at the end I always give in, she wins and she finds her place. Last time she even invited practically fluorescent pink to join us. sigh ?!?

but ... shhhhhhh ... I'm really liking it

Money will come when you are doing the right thing

Mike Phillips

Oh my Mike ... I sure do hope you're right


  1. Uh oh,it looks like the color black speaks to me more than the color hot pink.

    Very beautiful.

  2. i love this and the one below in the previous post. this is your palette and sensibility. I love the pinks too but this always comes off more sophisticated. i can see a million applied applications here.

    damn, i wish we were exhibiting at Surtex!

    Like you, i have to juggle the immediate money earning with the long term goals. next year I am going to do a big show and get something licensed. I know you have already done this, so thats probably not all that exciting for you. But I have to do something. wish i wasnt so old

    your post is coming. i promise. just a bit over whelmed. at least I can bill out today for this illustration gig. If i could bill this much for a weeks work every week I would have no worries.

    le sigh,

    frivolity. Its an A+

  3. Loving them...Mike is right, you will see... tail wags. Life is good without hot pink!

  4. This is beautiful! Love the botanical feel. :)

  5. thank you Sham & Moose and Chick you've made my day !! I'm liking this direction as well, it feels right, I like it and best of all it spontaneously is coming out of me without to much contrivation (new S. Black word) and/or overly overt planning.

    Let's go to Surtex !!!! yipeeee !
    next year we could share abooth nd fulfill fantasies No. 7 & No. 56 (in a tres long line of fantasies, dreams, goals, etc) Surtex "and" NYC with Chickory. Tsk, tsk on the old comment - you did not mean that !!! what about Louise Bourgeois or Georgia O'Keefe for Gods sakes ? Huh ?!?

    I'm lovin the A+ Merci !! & very much looking forward to the process post although please "pas de pressure" much love to all 3 xoxo S & les Gang

  6. and Curly Q too - thank you !!

  7. OK my first thought was "thank goodness she's not brewing coffee just for this" - because as a coffee addict (recently switched to decaf, sniffle) I want to buy everything you make with coffee but then I feel like, OMG you used coffee instead of drinking it. Now I won't worry. You're still drinking it.

    Ahem. That said, it's all lovely. eeeeeee


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