back to school

Monday, August 27, 2012

detail from Hope - coffee stained collage drawing - Susan Black

It's back to school time for me - pattern / surface design school.

I've signed up for all 3 modules of what I'm expecting will be another fantastic e-course from Beth Nicholls & Do What You Love with Rachel Taylor - The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design. Earlier this year I took Kelly Rae Roberts & Beth's Hello Soul, Hello Business which was creative life changing for me, the course content lit a fire in my creative empire efforts, a fire that continues to burn hot, hot, HOTTER !

I've wanted to explore be a pattern design my entire creative life so I am thrilled that I've signed on for this 3 part e-course. Thankfully my summer of big, juicy projects & deadlines is finally winding down. I'm doing some hand lettering today for the last of those fantastic licensing jobs - 10 of my illustrations that are being made into greeting cards for release in 2013 with a well know & fantastic company. Hooray !!

Can't wait to take Flora Bowley's - Bloom True painting e-course. Her new book Brave, Intuitive Painting arrived last week & I love it. In an upcoming post soon I'll share a few of my latest & greatest favourite creative books -


  1. great links.... creating your professional identity looks/sounds really interesting to Mom... tail wags, ~moose

  2. Hi Susan. Congratulations to you on all of the wonderful things happening! I have wondered about HSHB for some time and I hope to get Flora's book soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently! xoxo


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