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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Still finding my blog voice ... I think a little lost from all the flurry & fury (the self imposed drama - insert large eye roll here*) of the last week or so. I've already planned my next trip to Toronto to hang out with my adored nephew - I had a ball. I've lived a lot of my life in cities (Halifax, Montreal, Calgary & Toronto) so even though I feel much of the time like I've become a true rural gal ... but I adapt amazingly quickly to life in the city. Next up parts 2 & 3 (at least in photos ;-)

* so easy to eye roll at yourself when you've come through the muck of anxiety (& more on that soon).


  1. I LOVE the photos of you looking so relaxed and chic. I prescribe more TO and Mike time for you. It really looks like it agrees with you.

  2. Love the backdrops for your portraits and the Native American mural. Your nephew seems a happy camper.

    Now, about that wall of cheese...

  3. Looks like fun times for ALL! Tail wags, ~moose

  4. Had to go check, about the grocery store -- it is Maple Leaf Gardens.

    Love the shot of the CN Tower.

    You look maaaahvellous !

  5. Wonderful photos dear Susan, a lovely glimpse of Toronto, you look so beautiful too.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. wall of cheese !!
    wall of cupcakes !
    wall of fruit, veggies, seafood ...
    wall of bakery fabulousness
    wall of ...

    be still my heart

    merci, merci you sweet ones !

    xo Susan

  7. Wonderful pics! So fun to see your lovely face...


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