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Friday, August 24, 2012

a tiny life No.7 - mixed media collage painting - Susan Black - giclee print available here

We suffer more from imagination than from reality

 Hey ! Last Sunday I successfully gave my first ever workshop. Uh ! Huh !! You have absolutely no idea what a big deal that was for me & the stupid funny thing is/was - it was a breeze. Funnier even was the fact that deep down in my heart I knew it would be. Madam Invincible kept whispering the truth to me but that freakin' Demon Girl & her rowdy team of bad cheerleaders kept drowning those whispers out. Not only was it easy, natural ... fun, challenging, rewarding & stimulating (did I mention FUN ! ) - I can't wait to do the next one, especially now that I'm over that 9ft (or taller) first-time hurdle. 8 women & me, a whole mess of paper, some paint, some glue, some scissors, & a well thought out & prepared 6 page handout (my saving grace) just in case ... I dunno my mind went blank, I couldn't breath, the dreaded hyperventilation - all fairly common occurrences for les anxious person.

Overpreparedness is often anxiety's best ally


  1. Congratulations on the success of your workshop, Susan. I wonder how many artists are able to create without their demons. My demons often trick me into thinking I have zero skill and when I fight through that tangled web and get to my canvas, it always turns out to be so untrue, those demon lies. But would we continue to keep trying without the demons? For me the idea that I cannot do something often spurs me on to try and prove that theory wrong.
    Wondering also if would do an online workshop. I would love to try collage, but it is way outside my creative parameters and although I would really love to meet you in person and take a live class with you, for now we live on the very opposite ends of the country. A thought for you to ponder. Take care my friend.

  2. You shared your sewing patterns and music scores? The handout cover page is fantastic. Glad to read Demon Girl was proven wrong, again.

  3. ...and now on to an on-line version?? Yes please!

    You're slaying anxiety dragons all over the place! I'm glad this workshop was so much fun for you.

  4. Yes, the handout cover looks very stunning + makes us want more! Any plans for teaching your course at the Inkwell?! Looked like a fun, fun, day had by all. Tail wags, ~moose

  5. I am willing to bet that the course those ladies took under your tutelage helped them spread their creative wings far and wide! So happy you slam dunked it..we all KNEW you would!!! CONGRATS, girl!!!!

  6. The photos speak of fun fun fun!!
    Glad you talked yourself into sharing your gifts, skills and imagination with, I'm sure, a much-appreciative and inspired gathering of very happy participants. Congratulations Susan.x

  7. Ooh! I want to be at the table getting gluey!

  8. P.S. I am CRAZY about "a tiny life no.7"

  9. Hello All ... so sorry for the late reply. I do agree whole heartedly Dalyce - it is the yin & yang of life - my strengths are also my weaknesses, my demons are what push me to be better, braver & ultimately more creative.

    Looks like I will be doing a workshop in Halifax @ fabulous (all things good) shop Inkwell (sometime in October) & am preparing for an online e-course - please stay tuned for more info re: both workshops.

    Happy weekend ! xo Susan + Gang


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