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Thursday, August 23, 2012

la wall of cupcakes ! / me again / toronto skyline / vinca / michael / american apparel wall of colour / token CGTA shot / plus de starbucks was consumed / me again with two fav necklaces from new jewellery collection / queen street very west / more beautiful wall art + portraits

I did not buy 1 cupcake ?? am feeling near constant remorse about that fact (what was I thinking ?) - I love cake, especially little cakes with loads of frosting & in many, many, many varieties (sad face) - oh well, next time. Lots more portraits of both of us. Lately I'm being asked to send my bio & photo to various companies who I'm working for - it's all great PR for me and the Creative Empire - so one of Michael's assignments was taking some nice (hip-ish) portraits of me. I'd say by your sweet & kind comments the last two days he more than excelled at the task ;-) thank you !


  1. You know I've gotten to the point that I don't buy cupcakes anymore because they just aren't any good. Dry, flavorless, gobs of faint icing. Give me a good slice of pie any day.

  2. If you saved a penny every day you almost have enough to buy 2 cupcakes!
    Tail wags....~moose

  3. Next time you're in Toronto -- EAT A CUPCAKE !!!

    yes, your photos are lovely and quite hip. Really nice.

  4. I'm not really a pie girl - but definitely a cake (& frosting) girl. I love cake & I don't get much get cake in this little village ... ever so I'm thinking even dry, faintly frosted cake sounds good to me. January's list - 1. cupcakes ;-)

    Am saving those pennies Moose.

    I know Sybil, I know ?!? ... xo s

  5. A compromise then? How do you feel about donuts?

  6. Shammy I can honestly say I've probably never had a good donut.
    Hanging head in dismay.

    Maybe I've had a good old fashioned cake type with subtle nutmeg & deep fried but these new pillowy yeast, natural flavoured, unusual combos artisan donuts - n'est pas. Perhaps that should be No.2 on the Jan. TO list ... hmmmm good idea !


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