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Friday, September 14, 2012

yesterday afternoon's 2 hour crescent beach adventure - beach combing with Bee - it's a very good thing

I had a lovely 2 hours with my 7 1/2 year old friend hunting on the beach for treasure yesterday the perfect balm for sadness, cruelty & ignorance though we could clearly still hear the desperate & mournful barking all the way at the beach - 4 or 5 blocks from his sad home.

The neglected & mistreated barking dog situation continues to be terrible. Thank you all for leaving such supportive comments it makes me feel terrific & empowered to know that I am not some crazy woman, that I am someone who cares and is not afraid of confrontation if it means I might be able to help, to save or to rescue.

Rachel in particular summed up sadly exactly what is the truth of the matter here in my little village.

Good luck with this. I don't feel hopeful, though. If you don't understand that a barking dog needs something or that your new neighbours are going to be upset by it all, you are too thick-headed to understand much at all, kindness and friendliness, gifts or apologies. But you have to try, don't you. I was very relieved to move away from the little dog up the road from me; I was tired of harbouring illicit thoughts of stealing and rehoming him!

I am doing everything I can, believe me. Honey I'm afraid doesn't mean a thing, or the kind of honey I might have on offer, we are speaking two completely different languages - these people & I. It is such an incredibly sad thing & from my open office windows I hear the dog barking, barking, barking - all day, all morning, all afternoon, all evening. Thankfully they do allow him the kindness of sleeping inside and the barking does stop at 9pm only to begin again around 8am. I am very surprised that he can bark at all anymore - that he hasn't permanently hurt his vocal cords. Rescue is on the way, I am sure of it - it just may take a few days. Hang tight sweet dog ...hang tight.

I won't tell you what I really wish. What I would do if I were Queen of the world ... but I know many of you could guess. I'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed & prayers said please.


  1. Crossed and said, for however long it takes. Good luck!

    Your photos today remind me of my itty bitty, about 10 years ago. 7-ish is a great age. I'm glad to see your friend in her purple phase.

  2. Thanks John - after a morning of non stop barking it's been quiet all afternoon hopefully someone else has said something to them.

    I feel very lucky to have a 7 year old friend - way better than therapy for I am completely lost in the moments and young again when I spend time with her. We have an every week Thursday after school date ...

    Wow your girl is growing up, how is 17 ...

  3. Susan, you are such an angel and I pray you are THE angel for this poor mistreated dog!!! As rescuers, my husband and I see the results of unimaginable cruelty that animals suffer at the hands of humans. We are a shameful species as a whole!!! Those of us who deeply care can never take up the slack for all those idiots who simply do not "get it". We are helping to host a wonderful fundraiser here in North Texas this weekend at one of the local popular water parks, where people can bring their dogs to swim, since it is the last day of the season that the park can be open. We are taking an unbelievable ration of crap from some very vocal folks who are angry because we are requiring that all dogs in attendance be spayed &/or neutered. They have accused us of trying to eliminate all companion animals from life as we know it!!! I am staggered by their complete lunacy. I continue to pray for your lonely neighbor dog. I think his owners are BEYOND help!!! They probably need our prayers most of all but I am struggling with being concerned for their vacant souls.

  4. Vicki the work your husband and you do I know is absolutely heartbreaking. I am in no means ever on the front lines of animal cruelty & I so admire people like you who fight that fight in the horrible trenches. This situation perhaps is getting better - our county animal control (dog related bi-law enforcer) paid a visit to them today, since noon there has been no barking.

    Apparently they moved to the village from the country where the dog previously ran loose & free and he is not accustomed to being tied. Still is absolutely no excuse ... they have had there first warning. I've called the SPCA & they are ready to swoop in if the non-stop barking (helplessly) continues.

    This situation although bad I know in my heart is nothing compared to the cruelty you speak of and I do agree whole heartedly that we are a shameful species. Much love to you, your dear husband & you're huge gang of fur & love. xoxo Susan & les Gang

  5. Susan, I'm sure the SPCA will follow up if the barking continues. As you say, the dog used to run loose -- of course, it's barking. Neither thing is right -- running loose or being tied up. But they don't understand what the dog really needs.

    Your photos today are wonderful. Gosh that little girl is so sweet and photogenic.

  6. It looks a wonderful time on the beach Susan, though the dog could never be far from your thoughts. It always occurs to me in situations like this, that we give a lot of our waking hours thinking about the people involved..worry, anger... while they don't give a thought at all, and continue their days on their merry way.
    I often wonder how many social workers, police and animal welfare workers lose sleep at night - as I mentioned before, some aspects of teaching are bad enough!
    Thankfully, it seems the authorites have moved quickly on this. Here, particularly with social work, it is not always the case. I am thinking of you and sending positive thoughts that these people eventually do the right thing - and not just because they have to! They should WANT to - that's the sad part.


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