with honey

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 Oliver & Sam - dontcha love Sam's little front teeth showing

 you'll catch more flies with honey - uh huh !

or Barking Dog Plan E/F les sugar coated one - after a night of feeling sad & tres indignant (which is such a dreadful & pointless emotion which historically gets me nowhere - fast) and in the spirit of my new attempted life philosophy of be brave, be kind, believe, be love I will approach this barking dog situation in a brand new way today. I will arrive bearing gifts from our garden - cucumbers, tomatoes, beets & green beans with a note expressing my apologies if we've gotten off on the wrong paw I mean foot, a note with my phone number saying if I can help in any way with the dog to please call me.

My superpower - bold, persistent experimentation or if at first you don't succeed ...

true visual confessions - voila the book & magazine pit beside my bed - hidden usually by intentional idyllic composing ;-)


  1. The photos are so beautiful dear Susan and Sam's little teeth do look so cute, it is always lovely to see your pets in the photos.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. oh, honey... yes!!! use the honey! it does work!

    Love it when the animals sleep just touching each other.... and my book pit is the other side of my bed, piled high with books, magazines, note pads, pencils and my latest knitting or crochet project.

    from Gracie and me

  3. Oh Susan, you are a lady after my own heart!! I am going through a similar situation where anger and sass is the easy default response, but where I would much rather soothe the discomfort with kindness and compassion. I think your approach to this situation is brilliant! Also, I love the look on Oliver's face...like "whaaaaat, I was jus' sleepin' ova here." Keep sharing your pet photos...they rock, as do you!!!

  4. On Oliver's behalf, I point out that Sam is hogging the bed.

  5. Your book and magazines pit looks so much like mine!! LOL! I can't stand confrontation. It usually takes me a few days or more to find the sugar and honey to resolve an issue. Good luck and I hope it works. Love your photos!


  6. Oh Susan,living in a variety of places and teaching many children over the years, from often dysfunctional families I see this dog situation many times.(the children are another story). Suffice it to say so many people just do not think the way we do,are unfamiliar with gifts, reasoning, even compassion.
    Then again, I lived next door to a wealthy family who lived all week in the country and came back occasionally to check on their empty house. There was a dog left in their dark garage to bark, one would assume as a security measure. It upset me daily to such a degree that after a call to all animal welfare agencies I was told that as long as someone was coming to feed it and give it water on a regular basis there was nothing they could do.
    My husbands enquiry to these neighbours resulted in a stiletto heel to his head. We moved after numerous people around us abandoned animals. People can be quite heartless and defiant with it.
    Like you, I am longing for a happy ending to this story.
    Thank you so much for your efforts Susan. Your photos make me feel better. They are so lovely!!!

  7. Good luck with this. I don't feel hopeful, though. If you don't understand that a barking dog needs something or that your new neighbours are going to be upset by it all, you are too thick-headed to understand much at all, kindness and friendliness, gifts or apologies. But you have to try, don't you. I was very relieved to move away from the little dog up the road from me; I was tired of harbouring illicit thoughts of stealing and rehoming him!

  8. Hope your plan works Susan. You're good to even try the honey route.

    Try not to dwell on this situation. Do what you can, but don't "wear it".

    Love the "toothy" photo and the look on your cat's face.


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