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Friday, January 11, 2013

beautiful large vintage mason jar with neon bright note paper - I've already added 5 lil' things

I am so doing this ! 

from the happy heathen via design sponge - what a fantastic idea ! (get your kids to do it too)

& welcome to my new blog category omg ! where I tell you about good things, great ideas, inspiration etc... thanks once again to my pal Jian over at fav CBC Radio 1 morning show Q for playing this blast from my past yesterday morning you can be sure I partook in some crazy canuck chair dancing (swivel office chairs work best) - no need to stand up just squirm & bop, whip (long til Tuesday) hair around with wildly gesticulating hand and arm movements. Loverboy - sigh. Come on ... I know you want to ;-) // Happy Weekend !


  1. Red leather pants? Hell, what's NOT to love?!
    Happy weekend, go-go girl!
    xo n

  2. OMG! Loverboy! Haha

    Put those white boots in your jar.

    Love that idea, by the way. You blogging it, I mean.

  3. yes, the jar project is great! We listen to Q here while in the Studio in the evenings...Love it. tail wags

  4. love the jar idea! we always write down our favourite memories from the year every NY Eve (for the past 20 years)...having a jar would make remembering a lot easier!

  5. Ah - Loverboy. Where are they all now - probably attending each other's kids weddings, sucking in the bellies for the photos. Haha! Would love to know!

  6. A GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Pam said: "Where are they all now"
    Isn't/wasn't one of them a judge on Canadian Idol?
    And I believe that one (or poss. more) of them went on to have something to do with Bryan Adams career - backup band, maybe? Producing?

  8. My wife wants to do the same project, and it seems like such a cool idea. I must remember to save a jar!
    I am also loving your blog. I guess I can't complain about how cold it gets in England again, after seeing your great snowy scenes.

    Red Coat Studio

  9. Thanks Susan - think I'm going to do one too.

  10. I was just looking at that exact jar on my kitchen windowsill, thinking how lonely it looked with nothing in it. Then I opened your blog. I now know what that jar will be filled with!


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