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Friday, April 12, 2013

miniature rose plant $6.97 at Walmart + assorted sunny windowsill indoor blooms, herbs, plants ... with Mr. Big Oliver

Everyone knows that any great plant photograph looks better with a cat and we're not just talkin' any ol' cat. I am slowly and surely becoming an indoor plant lady, at a time when I am supposed to be lessening the things I live with (downsizing) I find myself coveting plants - big, small, tall, hanging, creeping, succulent, teeny, flowering  - it's official - I've become a plant lady.

We (the Prince and I) had to go to Truro, a nearby bigger centre, to do a few reno/household errands yesterday afternoon. I threw together one of my dutch oven specialties, into the oven at 250 and off we went. A beautiful hour long drive both ways. Now shopping together has never been an easy activity for us in fact it's one that's almost guaranteed to invoke a lil' sarcasm, a little sniping, a little crankiness which very often turns into hurt feelings and even sometimes - fights. Not yesterday, as I stood with our loaded cart in the Walmart check-out line waiting for Doug to pick up one last thing. I turned and saw him approaching me (all dressed up in his skinny stylish jeans at my subtle suggestion ;-) carrying a potted miniature rose, looking tres smug and pleased with himself. Now D is a Prince, no question and a Prince of many things, but Romantic I'm afraid is not one of them, certainly not the traditional kind of romantic anyway fortunately this hasn't ever been an issue for me. But ... I gotta say - a girl, especially a plant lovin' lady like me, loves a little potted plant love (not to mention a bit of romance as well) - someone's been reading What Happy People Know by Dan Baker ;-) & it was by far our happiest shopping trip ever ! xoxo


  1. A cat definitely improves ANY picture!

    I'm happy that you've always thought I should have a dog. When we decide where we want to settle for good, I want to get one (or two).

  2. i hear you girlfriend! my very small apartment has big windows which i have filled with plants. now i seek out shade-loving indoor plants to fill the rest of the areas. hee hee i look for clearanced plants that just need a bit of tlc. they fit my wallet and my urge to rescue.

  3. Hi Julie - yes a little jungle-ish please, maybe that's why my petite wild cats love the plants so much. Hugs to both you & Judy ! xos & les gang

  4. That's one beautiful rose. And Oliver is looking especially handsome today...

  5. How thoughtful and romantic of your Prince and such a pretty rose.
    Your photos are lovely as always and Oliver looks so handsome with the plants.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Aw, I love it when a non-romantic man does something uncharacteristically romantic. Somehow, it mean more that way.

  7. sweet, we all need a flower now and then


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