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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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have faith in a benevolent and magical universe

words of wisdom, words of hope & I'll take my wise hope anywhere I can get it lately, thank you very much.

These particular words, the last line of this week's Cancer - Bohemian Tartscope. Hey you eye rollers ! I can see you, so stop it ! Amy put me onto this site and I love it. Each week a new tarot card matched up with your zodiac sign. This week's card for me The Star. Early Monday morning some thing I look forward to - a bit of guidance, some relief - maybe an explanation of why things, nearly everything have been so difficult lately. My word for 2013 is/was ease - but I say Yo ! 2013 wtf ? & where's the ease ? & where'd she go ? the past 3 months have felt like constant inner struggle, not at all like ease. Maybe that's why I picked ease ? Ha Ha Universe I get the joke, not laughing. Yeah, yeah I picked ease because struggling seems always so natural for me. I know how to struggle, how to stress, how to fear, how to be anxious, how to make things feel hard & difficult. I chose ease because it is the one, big lesson the Universe is shouting at me, it is the lesson I need most to learn.

Well, I'm tellin' ya ... I feel like I'm learning Quantum Physics or maybe Japanese (it feels like I'm not learning anything at all) like I'm fighting any ease lesson all the way, with all my might, fighting it 'til it exhausts me. And I'm tired and it's only April ... 2

So ...

maybe I will have a little faith in a benevolent and magical universe ... can't hurt, can it ?

The Star is inspiration, hope, guidance. You are going to get a sign that you are moving in the right direction. This is a green light for you. If you have been looking for a path, praying for a little help, you are going to find it this week. Something will appear to recharge your faith, you will get your star to follow. Trust that you have divine assistance and look for synchronicities to validate that reality. Go ahead and believe in signs and omens, consult an astrologer, have faith in a benevolent & magical universe.

ps. I say Yo (now) instead of Hey ! 'cause Yo ! we LOVE Breaking Bad ...  ;-)

* I have no idea the actual species of spider this is, no wait I do (Google sung by the chorus of angels). It's a Cellar Spider. This spider lives in our bedroom between two large terra cotta windowsill pots and I love him or her. I treat her like a pet and check on her several times a day - she thrills me, really she does. Her little legs are the same size as her cob webby web, so much so that she blends in with her web almost completely at times. Proof that the universe sure is a magical place.


  1. oh susan, you have no idea how much i enjoy reading your posts (a highlight of my day). as i'm reading about your tales of struggle i'm chastising myself for not struggling at all which basically equates to i'm not doing anything. at all. nada. zilch. so all your doing and struggling is an inspiration to me, a super-bright beacon for me to aspire to. so please know that we are all struggling with something (a fact you already know) but at least you are struggling to do something whereas i am just struggling in the process of doing nothing. i'm promising myself right now to get out with my camera today. thanks (always) for the inspiration! ((hugs)) from me and zoe

  2. and thank you sweet one for that kind & terrifically uplifting comment, just when I needed exactly that !
    Bless you Julie much love from my gang to yours xos

  3. Love this - and it reminded me to check my Tarotscopes for the week. There were no instructions to wallow in self pity, dammit!! Hehe - thanks so much! Amy

  4. It is the year.. time for sun.. we are all waiting for it..this yearso far has been a test!!oh yeah..

    and I Loved watching Breaking bad too.. good acting. good writing... good editing.. all good about bad.

  5. Susan! What fun to find that you too, enjoy spiders. Most people will streak and stomp on them. I find them fascinating and leave them be. AND lucky you, that you are still having very cold weather. I'm suffering from snow-withdrawal symptoms. I was hit by a wave of sadness yesterday at dinner and I think that is what it is. How can someone be so in love with WINTER? I took a hike this afternoon, to get out in the sun and hopefully shake my feelings. We'll see how this has worked. If nothing else, I will sleep well! I love your posts! Bren

  6. I love the photo of the geese flying! That sky is so blue. It cheered me up.

  7. I hope you keep "ease" as your word, it'll come, really it will come. Just you watch.....


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