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Monday, January 4, 2010

the view from my second floor office/studio window yesterday afternoon

Love in it's essence is spiritual fire

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) Swedish Naturalist

Oh, I have been savin' up all of my love, my loving, for a very long time and just as wonderful as it is to be the recipient of this big, authentic, all encompassing kind of love ... even better still is to have the chance to love back - to love big and bold and fearlessly. It's the dream I have always hoped for.

Snowy and white and mild here this early morning. There's a bright moon high up in the sky above the harbour and the air is forecast to be warmer for a few days. Hooray ! Lots of dripping and melting sounds. I'm off now to plan my day and week with my coffee, curled up in the nest of down and flannel. Then we'll bundle up in fleece and we (Miss D, Piper Belle and I) will stroll the early morning streets of this very wintry little village.

grey and snowing and many seals in the harbour - yesterday afternoon's snow walk

and ... my new favourite song

Somebody said they saw me,
swinging the world by the tail
Bouncing over a white cloud,
killing the blues.


  1. The song gives me a clear visual of you....bouncin' off clouds. I think your toe might need a string attached.

    xo mlou

  2. Funny how you were drawn to that song! Robert Plant has many talents (and music out there!!!)and is simply amazing with Alison Krauss on Raising Sand. I bought it when it first came out for "Please Read the Letter", but the entire CD is great. Just a side note: another fantastic piece of CD artwork, in black & white!
    Tail Wags to the morning walkers.

  3. Beautiful in any weather.... how lucky you are, in every way... xx

  4. Absolutley beautiful. Your pictures are worth a 1000 words
    Benny & Lily

  5. My goodness but that looks cold! Understatement I know, but this is coming from where we are expecting 4o degree-plus temperatures in the next couple of days.The dogs obviously enjoy the snow on under-bellies and pawpads. I think I prefer the more feline laid-back attitude of "go on without me, after my wash I intend to snooze." Dog energy is so exuberant!Haven't the animals hit the jackpot with you and The Cowboy loving and understanding them so completely.

  6. Oh that was YOUUUU I saw flyin' over the mountain today!!!! No surprise...

  7. You really captured the motion of the snow in a lovely way! And just check out the anticipation on those doggies!! Too cool!

  8. Looks very beautiful but cold! Love that song btw. they sing so well together. Who would ahve ever guess. Robert Plant doing this style of music? It is sort of zeppy though i suppose.


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