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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

blue spruce

I will give you everything
that you've ever wanted

The DA*, my most excellent companion, my Buddha boy is hangin' out here at the TTD** (as usual) this early morning. The sky has begun turning turquoise and I'm just about to leash up
the sisters and walk around this little village as the sun begins to rise. Things are good.

Things are very good.
Merci M. Universe, merci !

DA* - design associate
TTD** - teak topped desk


  1. I can never get enough of your photography! And I am thrilled to read about your happiness!! It's like I can feel it seeping right through the screen!

  2. things are very good? im glad. xo to you and all the creatures. did you know i got a new puppy? a rhodesian ridgeback. i will post some pics soon...come by and see them if you can tear away from the cowboy or the TTD.

  3. Thanks for commenting, letting me know you are there.

    Love your photos, so vibrant and striking.

    Glad to hear about you are happy and thankful.

    much love

  4. Hi, Susan!!!!
    I finally finished painting the picture of the photo you took. Thank you so much for giving me permission to paint it. You are one lucky camper to live in such a beautiful area, although living in Maine, I too encounter beautiful vistas.
    Best to you, the cowboy and your 'babies'.
    Visit me and see......

  5. Beautiful song, never heard that before...

  6. I love your music posts - always so good :)


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