fear, trust & love

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oliver - the most handsome, gentle, kind, super smart and tres athletic cat we've ever known

fear and trust walk hand in hand

When I saw you

I was afraid to meet you ...
When I met you
I was afraid to kiss you ...
When I kissed you
I was afraid to love you ...
Now that I love you
I'm afraid I'll lose you ....


I've been given everything I've ever wanted so of course I'm cautiously waiting for it to all be taken away from me ... and if I worry enough about it being taken away somehow I will build an imaginary dome of protection around it. It's what I've always done. But I know in my heart I can't do it this time.

Fear ... the boss man of all my troubles
. The boss of Sadness & Hurt. Crazy fear, irrational fear (but how does one really determine what's irrational and what's rational), protective fear, sad fear, panicked fear, anticipatory fear. That entire Fear family loves to camp out and party hard and loud in my head with way too many channels to watch and to listen to. The volume always much too loud. Vigilance seems a good friend. Those darn Fears they zip and zoom around so fast often I don't even see them. They sneak up on me. I begin to believe I am them.

But Hey!! HeY! it's a brand new month. Bon Jour February. I can change. I must change.

Don't be afraid
speak your truth*
Have courage
trust in love, trust in love, trust in love, trust in love, trust in love

* think I'll take a rain check on the speakin' my truth 'cause I'm never really quite confident what my darn truth really is


  1. Yay February - and Valentine's Day coming up. Planning anything? Even not is cosy.Staying in,squirrelled away,cosy as a cat in sunshine. The softness in those photos is stunning. Makes me want to hold that little paw.Just beautiful!

  2. That's a very nice take on Fear. "Fools tread where angels fear to walk," says Bible verses.

  3. Love the close up of the Oliver Nose!
    Nice way to welcome in my favorite month....
    Tail Wags to All.

  4. You must be doing something right cause the dude is still fussing over that scary basement.

  5. So hard to live in the moment, isn't it?! Yet, if you do not, you lose the opportunity to bask in the joy being showered down upon you. Let go....and simply "BE".
    Love you!

  6. Don't you MAKE me come over there and give you a good kick in the pants.

    Quit wasting even one second on any thoughts but good ones. Enjoy every second... because eventually one or the other of you will be gone... and then it's over. That's life....and death. But, for heaven's sake, don't waste any of the time you do have .... refuse to let worry, fear, or trust rob you of any little thing you have worth the stealing.

  7. Beautiful. Such soulful eyes. So much personality in a cat's face. Such serenity there.

  8. If all else fails go look at your basement.


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