Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oliver & Gus

When we're happy we wish our feelings could remain childlike forever.
When we feel sad, hurt or angry we wonder if those feelings will ever grow up


Crocodile tears, too sensitive and too emotional. My feelings, they do exhaust me at times.
I'd like to push them out the door, say to them See ya ! Have a nice trip and don't hurry back please. Learning to understand the difference between a thought and a feeling is the challenge
I must undertake. Breathing and living in the moment because in the moment is where life happens and where thoughts and feelings seem always fleeting. Treading in deep water this early Saturday morning and we're just about to walk around this little village in the crisp winter air.


  1. Ah, tabbies..... how lovely they are. Even with a claw in the curtains......

  2. The photos you take of your furbabies always, always warm my heart and make me smile. That quote, it is quite beautiful as well. What kind of life would we have without these wonderful creatures in our lives? I can't imagine.

  3. Beautiful, sweet kitty pictures. Why the crocodile tears?

  4. Awww..... I always love the photos of Oliver..and I didn't realize Gus was so similar in colour.....

  5. Just walk down into that fabulous new basement and you'll feel better. Oh, it looks great!

  6. Why the tears?...your not trying to lay on that radiator are you!!!??What a goofy place, but who is to tell a kitty where to lay!
    Tail Wags to All.

  7. Crocodile tears? Hopefully any wayward emotions in this cryptic post will be walked off with fresh air, sunshine, and a shopping list for a fabulous meal.Hope you'll be back to bliss in no time dear Susan! Your furbabies are so photogenic!

  8. The photos of your furkids are always wonderful. i especially love the one with outstretched arms and paws.
    Crocodile tears are a womanly thing and they happen sometimes when winter has lasted a bit too long.

  9. It's OK. Remember the basement. Remember the basement. Remember the basement. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  10. You have such skill with the camera.


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