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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

last night's dinner of roasted sweet potato wedges and a big tossed salad with BBQ chicken

The cowboy and I have been following a heart smart eating plan for the past 2 weeks. We've said bye bye (for now) to chocolate mousse and Coquilles Saint Jacques, see ya later to his Tennessee born grandmother's yummy fried chicken with mashed potatoes and pan gravy and so long to Johnsonville bratwurst avec honey mustard on fresh baguettes. All is not lost however 'cause I sure do love to cook, I sure do love a challenge and my desire is that this new and wonderful forever lasts a very, very long time.

I tossed sweet potato wedges with olive oil, dried rosemary and sea salt and roasted them in a 425 oven for 30 mins or so. To our favourite tossed salad (dressed with olive oil and red wine vinegar) I added sliced green olives, corn and a shredded barbecued chicken breast from the BBQ pit at our village grocery store. Absolutely delicious !! and so pretty I just had to take a photo (or two). For dessert - fresh pineapple chunks (the sweetest thing ever) and 1 oz (each) of the very best dark chocolate we can find. Last night's movie presentation - disc 1 of Gandhi (borrowed from the library) sigh.

The dismantling of the wasteful & redundant propane hot water system was a total success -
of course !! Gotta keep my handsome, handiest of all men happy, happy and tres healthy.

and ... he draws diagrams - be freakin' still my thudding, pounding heart


  1. What? Did someone say something about giving up Johnsonville Brats??

    I CAN'T HEAR YOU..............

    (made in Wisconsin, don't cha know)

  2. So many good things happening at 29 Black Street!

  3. Hi Susan, that was me above... Blogger acting weird again... sometimes it forgets who I am!

  4. Oh , that sounds good . And husband might eat it too . But can you guarantee that it'll turn him into a competent handyman ?

  5. Oh my...we are suddenly starving
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hi Susan,
    Looks yummy! Thanks for the idea, I will make that today. Horray to your handyman!
    Happy days!

  7. He got rid of the propane monstrosity?????? I'm all choked up... Love your dinner. Oh my god I'm seriously dizzy about a basement I will never see. ROFL Congrats and may forever last a long time.

  8. that lst comment is so adorable. Cute. Hee.

  9. your one on the diagram, that is....


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