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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a sampling of some of the kinds of papers I'm on the look out for

Here's the thing ... my latest thing - since I am now thick and deeply into this collage love I desire to assemble the biggest, baddest, best, most eclectic, most vintage stash of paper ... ever.

and seeing as I live in a tiny seaside village miles & miles away (happily I might add) from civilization, a Michaels and/or a Deserres (art supplies) store I've decided to borrow this fantastic idea (and words) found over at the lovely, collage artist blog - Magic Jelly .

If you have any found paper laying around that you don't mind parting with & posting to me, I will in return, make you a 3 x 3 matted collage with some of the paper you send & ship it back to you, keeping the rest of the paper for my own projects. You get some 29 Black Street Lil Art and I get some paper joy!

  • receipts & invoices
  • old Cavellini calenders (I know some people don't actually hang on to every little thing)
  • advertisements from magazines, comics, etc. (I love the little ads in the back pages)
  • pages from books, magazines, comics, ledgers & notebooks
  • patterned end papers from books would be great
  • labels & packaging
  • envelopes, letters, stamps & postcards
  • anything with handwriting on it, particularly old-fashioned pen & ink
  • anything without writing on it such as notepaper, graph paper, etc.
  • anything with writing love, love, love handwriting and script
  • paper that is aged, yellow, spotty, stained, even torn is fine
  • greeting cards & gift wrap
  • wallpaper
  • sheet music
  • maps, maps, maps pages from old atlases, pages from old text books
  • photos, especially old portraits
  • flyers, forms, theatre programs, etc.
  • patterned tissue paper is especially nice

Even better is ephemera from different cultures - China, Japan, India, Mexico, etc. Colourful, decorated paper is nice, but not essential - some of my favourite pieces are regular white paper that has aged to varying shades of yellow & brown.

So I'm hoping that before you toss that next piece of Hey ! this could be in a collage over there in Nova Scotia paper in the recycling bin you'll say to yourself Ahhh ... I might put that in my Stash for Susan. When you've collected a little bundle of paper goodness then mail it to me ... I promise that I will promptly* make you a collage, mat it, sign and send it off with lots of love.

When your bundle is ready to be mailed just email me and I'll send our address. Thanks !!!

* a big ol' ahemmm to Shammy Sham recipient of the world's tardiest 15 things swap parcel

we watched Midnight Cowboy last night - perhaps the saddest movie ever - I love these lyrics


  1. Well now I know why I was saving all this cra..uh ephemera. Will start collecting immediately.

    As the recipient of the (more than) Most Excellent 15 Things, the wait was well worth it. The soap alone was worth it.

  2. ahh yes the crack of all soaps - karma

  3. NO WAY!!! I've been putting together a package of this sort for you!! Old maps and stuff I thought you could use for your projects. Rats, there goes the surprise! :P

  4. Oh Chez, now that sweetness just made my day. I have such amazing friends here. Thank you! and a big kiss from Missy Dee

  5. How exciting Susan. I'll see what I can do!
    I LOVED the Harry Nilsson clip for all sorts of reasons- the song is so emotive of a time in our lives and yet the quirkiness and fashion - bought a smile to my face, tinged with a touch of sadness also.
    My mother and I, and one of her work colleagues, went to see Midnight Cowboy when I was in my latter years of high school I think, or early working life. My mother and I cried so much, and at the end of the film turned to her colleague who was fast asleep and snoring. Mum whispered to me "Typical!".xx

  6. i will certainly start a pile for you. and it won't need to be mailed! I love the directions you are going with the collage. exciting textures, the use of space, colour and text. so glad you are letting yourself play.

  7. I was wondering when I might be receiving my collage you mention in this posting if we send you collage papers. I look forward to seeing what you create with the paper I sent you...let me know if you need my address-
    Elizabeth Parsons


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