Sunday, August 8, 2010

scenes from yesterday

Air tinged with Autumn, the bluest sky, an endless flotilla of enormous puffy clouds, the sounds of power boats, the smell of barbecues and fresh cut grass, the sweet bursting taste of a ripe cherry tomato, crisp white sheets and pillowcases flap and float on the line, grilled scallops and shrimp top a gigantic salad for dinner, silly Bleet follows me around the yard meowing wherever I might go, Miss D and I hang out on our grassy hill, I tell her how much I love her over and over again, she never tires of hearing it, the queens annes' lace sways and bends in the breeze coming from the water and the harbour sparkles like diamonds.

I really do live in heaven.


  1. those clouds...gah. heaven, indeed.

    xo Alison

  2. Miss D looks in such fine form!!
    Lord, what's that?

  3. Pamela thank goodness Miss D does seem in very fine form considered her next birthday in January will be her twelfth. It happens here every year in August just one day suddenly you can feel Autumn in the air.

  4. Millie says that Bleet qualifies for the title of Pudding-Bomb. Definitely a fuller figure there!

  5. Those clouds!! Thanks as always for letting us have a peek into this little slice of heaven. Sigh... :)

    Reminds me of a song...
    Purple clover, Queen Anne’s Lace
    Crimson hair across your face...


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