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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the three cover designs I submitted yesterday - the theme of the cover the No. 4

So once again I'm asking myself ... what style is my darn passion ? a question, I guess, that is the creative version of What Colour is my Parachute ?. Followed immediately by wondering does my passion even need a style ? hmmmmmmmmmmm (that's me a ponderin' and ya know how good I am at that).

I ended up submitting three cover designs, a happy satisfying challenge that I set for myself. 3 covers - 3 days and of course when all is said and done, when the teeny tiny No. 1.5 sable paint brush is cleaned and put away, after hours and hours have been used up meticulously painting hearts, swirls and minute leaves and I've finally exhaled a breath again I'm the most happy with the collage version (at the top). So ... I ask myself what's up with this desire to do painted illustrations ? I can't answer that question.

I sometimes worry that my passions are too diversified, that my creativeness lacks focus, is too scattered ... is all over the map. Gee, sigh, have I mentioned how much I love maps ? I just want to try stuff, lots of stuff and I've been blessed with a window of opportunity, a breathing space to play and explore. So for now I keep telling myself it's not about the end result, it's not about the finished piece - it's all about the process.

The process of discovery. Plain & simple.

Hark. I hear les lands of bubbles & scent a callin'.

What's your favourite ? 1, 2 or 3. The cowboy really took a shining to the collage (no.1) in fact I think he even used the word beautiful and he's a bit of a rough & tumble guy. I asked him what he thought of the other two more decorative No. 4's. He said that they reminded him of 60's wall paper. I replied Hooray ! I think that's a very good thing.

and speaking of good things coming. I have a phone chat scheduled at 4pm today with the design director from a big fish gift & home decor company (I sent her my stuff - portfolio/resume etc. last week). Uh huh ! Uh Huh ! I'm doin' my MC Hammer dance.


  1. Oooo good luck with the phone conversation! Thats a great achievement in itself i'd say.
    I like version number one and three. You could do a series of these. There must be quotes with 1, 2, 3 etc in them too.
    I just caught up on your last weeks posts today and went straight out and borrowed Up In The Air. Just finished watching it. Its a bit depressing. Im sure its meant to make you realise how valuable relationships are, and feel glad youre not him, but I feel kinda deflated now.

  2. I vote for no. 1. I like them all, but no. 1 stands out to me. Good luck with your phone chat.

  3. oh, oh, oh... I am mad about No. 1... the other two are so sweet, but No. 1... well it's marvelous.

  4. WOW! I love them all!
    Fingers crossed for good news this afternoon. :)

  5. Hi Susan, sorry I lost you from my blog updates so I've missed quite a lot of your posts.
    On this post, I love the painted ones!
    I think a diverse style is great - lots of people wouldn't come up with such different themes.
    We have designers submit ideas to the business I work for, and there is always a range of opinions on every single one - there's no accounting for taste!

  6. Love, love, love all 3 but triple love number one! Good luck and looking forward to hearing what happens...we send positive tail wags,

  7. i echo the consensus...
    love them all but absolutely smitten by #1 :)

  8. many thanks for the votes of covers & confidence my friends. merci !!


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