good things

Saturday, August 28, 2010

sweet million cherry tomatoes from our potted garden and a little pottery bowl I made

Kindness in words creates confidence
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.

Lao Tzu

corn on the cob from the valley
coffee with my sweetie*
a creative passion inside me that's bustin'
a hot, smelly bath
the pinkest clouds outside my window this early morning
the harbour as still as glass
missy d's patient snoring at my feet
the saturday farmers market
kind words and so much lovely encouragement - merci !
best email friends in foreign lands
my buddy, my sentry, my best darn design associate, my red retriever in disguise

things just get better and better

* a friend asked me about my sweetie in an email yesterday. That darn cowboy, the handsome, handiest man ever, the one with the tall moustache. She said you don't mention him much anymore and I don't. I think after the initial shock of How could this be happening ? of every darn dream coming true in an instant, the Oh My GoodNess (and I do mean Good Ness) I've been struck my lovely lightening, it 'tis a Miracle of the very best kind. All of that caused me to want to Shout & Sing from les roof tops, & blog & include shocking photos here of us kissing - Gasp! OMG Please - where was my head ? Up in those lovely, mad pink clouds. Believe it or not, I consider myself to be quite a private person, now I know that may seem tres contrary to the person you've come to know here at 29 Black Street, that heart on sleeve person. It seems his love & our life together has helped put my heart back inside, where it belongs, snug and cozy.


  1. Well, all that lovely love stuff is all very well, Susan, and fabby for you, but for those of us who yearned for tales of your cowboy for his other attributes, where are the latest projects, like the basement, the garden, the boiler????? Just asking....

  2. I promise detailed updates ASAP. His focus has been primarily on selling his house, keeping it doodied up over there and dealing with a few final little 9372 projects ...

  3. Doodied up? I shall add that to my lexicon of daft expressions from round the world! My Australian friend uses the word "doody' when she can't remember the name of a thing. Now I could doody up the doody......

  4. Rachel, another to add to your lexicon (LOVE that word!) that I love, sweet & daft and from the same source (my friend Harry). Knowing that I'm not a fan of the drop in visitor and wanting to stop by would call me to ask "are you receiving ? "


  5. You made that bowl???? I see a whole nother branch of industry growing off the TTD. Get to throwin'.

  6. Just to clarify - I did not throw the bowl. It was a workshop (by Jen) in which raw clay bowls & mugs were already thrown and we decorated them - swirls and leaves - a specialty of mine. Throwing apparently is tres tricky.

  7. Not for M. Invincible. I have complete and utter faith you can throw. Boiler fixing....maybe not.

  8. DAMMIT now I'm crying from happiness reading your blog again. Oh god Susan every time I come here I feel like my soul expands...

    Also. I want those tomatoes.

  9. your heart where it belongs--inside, snug adn cozy--ow terribly lovely. I so love that. Awwww..

    And i jsut bust out laughing at this. So funny:

    "& include shocking photos here of us kissing - Gasp! OMG Please - where was my head ? "

    Yea, what were you thinking, Susan?!! You nutter.


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