bays + blueberry fields

Sunday, November 14, 2010

scenes from a Saturday afternoon drive

blueberry fields + small mountains
orange chinese lanterns + blue sky
winnie dixon
wallace bay + a yellow dory


  1. Blueberry fields? Say more! I know nothing about blueberries except as found in the supermarket!

  2. We are known to be the wild blueberry capital of ...
    the universe, I think.

    These are the low growing small wild blueberries and in autumn the stems and leaves turn these amazing shades of lilac, coral and red painting the landscape with these endless fields of colour. It's gorgeous !! I think especially beautiful in the foreground of bare grey leafless trees and the dark green of the spruce trees.

    about 20 miles from here

  3. Sweet post. Are the words or the p[
    pictures more bautiful ?

  4. Is Sam....part St. Bernard?

    Hmmmm, wild blueberries. The best. What will you be making with your treasure?

  5. Hey Shammy ... a couple of people have suggested that he looks like a LeonBerger - a mix of St. Bernard, Newf & Great Pyrenese. He does look a lot like a young Leon (hasn't grown his full thick coat yet). ??? We don't know much about him-not even his age, he was picked up by the county dog catcher, an unneutered male roaming freely and no one claimed him. We do know he is the sweetest, most gentle, affectionate, super loyal and attentive dog we've known. We're crazy mad about him already. His full 29 Black Street name - Sam(son) Leon Berger ;-)

    Vasectomy scheduled for Tuesday we hope to have more info then - especially how old he might be. I'm guessing between 1-3 (he seems like a puppy to me), Doug's guessing 5-7, the shelter thought around 5 ???? all bets must be in by Tues. noon.

    Miss D thinks he's very handsome and she likes that he lets her have her way - always ! grrrrrr

  6. Oh, I love Chinese lanterns, and what a great color, but why am I always tempted to crush one?
    So glad to hear Sam is settling in well with Les Gang and is giving Miss D due respect.

  7. Blueberry fields--would have never even thought of those until now. Again, lovely photos to a lvoely day, I assume.

  8. Ah yes, now that you hooked me up to that site, I would have to agree about the Leonberger. What ever his pedigree, he certainly is the handsome fellow. So glad he landed at 29 Black Streeet.


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