no leecking ... please

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

our harbour a few days ago

quiet, calm & no licking please

Job 1 today is to prevent Sam from licking his male parts (or his missing male parts region) after a sleepless night, tag teaming look out duties with Doug and the stresses and strains of the E collar this morning we've rigged up men's tighty whitey's with a hole cut for his bushy tail - so far so good and Sam says it's way better than that friggin' collar.

No leecky, leecky please with sympathies & appreciation for our friend D. Estorbo


  1. Pugwash is no longer a village, thoughts?

  2. Scooter doesn't know what all the fuss is about. Honestly, dogs!

  3. WHAT??? No picture of Sam in his tighty whiteys?

  4. Joanne - I missed this news. I'm assuming that this non-village status is now an official creed ;-)

    I guess my only thought is "it's still a tiny seaside village to me" (and always will be). Village politics continues to stun & amaze.

    Rach - He is very much a baby dog, a big, BIG sulk - Oliver is tres pissed

  5. Shammy - was unable to obtain a model release form :-(

  6. Hahahh to big shamu's comment above. Love that photo. so serene. hope all goes well there with the recovery!

  7. No silk boxers for Sam? Geesh...

    Hope he is quickly on the mend and can enjoy his "au natual dogginess" soon! :-)

  8. Awwww what a gyp!

    Did they give you a better estimate of how old he is? I mean should he be wearing old man underwear or stick with the tighty whiteys?


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