mud ding

Saturday, November 13, 2010

HandyCat just back from lunch, and yet to don his coveralls, listens attentively to the cowboy

Tips, techniques & such.
He's the best cat ... ever

Gorgeous, sunshine, blue skies, very mild temperatures, a little yard & garden work and
a wee road trip destination big farmers market - Hooray !


  1. I want another cat to call him Dude!

    it looks like Oliver is thinking how can help to that guy with his work!

  2. RosaMaria that's exactly what he's thinking. He is an amazing cat !! - so curious and always has to be smack in the centre of everything + anything that's going on. He's really more like a petite calico mix dog (shh).

  3. More like a DOG???? Outraged (Millie) of Jesmond wishes to say that Oliver is very typical of his clan - the Most Beautiful and Intelligent Tabby clan, that is - and is much, much more clever than any old dog. She wishes you to retract that shocking statement you made in your comment there, and to refer you to certain posts in which she learned to paint, to wallpaper, and to replace window panes. She and Oliver would have had a thriving business by now if they weren't separated by an ocean and humans too mean to arrange their airfares.....

  4. What a beautiful room he's creating!
    So happy he has such a handsome assistant.

  5. How truly amazing to have a handy man who also adores you working right there all the time to build and repair your little nest. So love that.

  6. That prince of yours doesnt do things by halves does he!


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