overwhelmed (in a good way)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I love the amazing colour palette of late autumn - my favourite home decor colours live here

Woah !! There's a whole lot goin' on here at 29 Black Street. What with my mad, ramped up Creative Empire building (and let me tell you for this long time self employed designer it has been mad, crazy, fun, zingy & wonderful). Meanwhile le Prince (of All Things Good) is busy lovingly & restoratively renovating our living room/dining room area in preparation for the fills-one-whole-wall built in entertainment centre avec plus de shelves, drawers and cabinets. Uh Huh ! Shut Up !! The one that's going to hold the recently purchased 42" flat screen, Ya Huh ! the new theatre experience for those crazy kids who watch a movie every single night !!! Plus ... quite by accident really, we managed to find and adopt the most amazing big, E-A-S-Y, gentle, fun loving dog* (remind you of anybody ??). Everyone here (including the cats) is madly in love with him and it hasn't been two days yet.

Feeling just a tad overwhelmed, life's been just a little racy (for me). I prefer to live my life at a fairy methodical, slightly sped up snail's pace. That's just how I work best. Rushing & me - not so good. But hey it's all a very good kind of overwhelmed.

I keep tellin' ya - Good Things Come !
Lucky me + thank you M. Universe.

*the weather has been tres shitty around here the last two days- windy with driving wet, slushy precipitation but I do promise lots more photos of the new boy very soon.


  1. Hmmmm....using the weather as an excuse isn't good enough, says Florence. She wants to see him NOW!

  2. You did say it was going to rain.

    By the way, Sam looks like he like to eat. I loves me some big dogs.

  3. It's sunny and blue skies today so no more excuses .... photos of our big boy I promise.

  4. Ooo, built-ins with shelves, drawers and cabinets - I'm green with envy. I grew up helping my father build these in the various houses we lived in, but I didn't pick up enough to do them myself.

  5. You just TOTALLY make me smile. :D Uh huh Shut up! :) You are such a beautiful person! Much love to you. xo

  6. this makes me smile, just reading it. awww... so glad for you to have al that going on. that first sentence cracked me up btw.


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