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Saturday, August 27, 2011

15 favourites from the last few late summer, sunny, perfect blue sky days

Mr. Murphy's Law, a pal of mine, says that of course as soon as you begin to let go a little bit of anxiety, fret & worry especially about where my next (or first) paycheck might come from + soon after I was hired for the little job at the post office, acquired a few little projects from a former employer gift company ... as soon as I began to actually relax & believe that things were maybe, really, going be OK - work started zinging at me from all directions. It never rains ... but it pours.

So many lovely little creative opportunities surround me right now - it's fantastic plus I'm in a bit of a fun groove with my own creative journey. Trying lots of new things, filling sketchbook pages with little thumbnail ideas & I've finally let go of this good vs bad thing. I'm really just trying to create what I feel like creating at the moment I'm in, have fun doing it & trying not to worry about will it make me money ? is it good ? I keep reminding myself ... it's all good.

Put Jonathan Franzen back on the bookshelf for now to read 2 new library books - The Weird Sisters and The Psycopath Test (written by Jon Ronson) who wrote The Men who Stare at Goats turned into a fantastic movie (with handsome + cool George Clooney) which we liked so much we watched it twice !! Weekend to-do's - ice tea drinking, reading, office tidying, laundry hanging, bedding changing avec cat helpers, fridge cleaning, gardening, cooking, farmers market, library, strolling in meadows with clover & queen anne's lace, dogs and loads of love.

Sleep tight dear Jack Layton & oh my ... Adele


  1. I have just found your blog and spent some time looking at your past posts. I love your photographs and art work.

  2. thank you Lyn ... I'll stop by to check out your blog too !!

  3. I'm so glad things are opening up, opportunity-wise.


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