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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

loves - vintage pillow cases, raspberries & cream, Missy D, the sea, bed making with kittens

Desire, ask, believe, receive

Stella Terrill Mann

Because, Hello ! who knew ? what I want - wants me

I've been pondering my wants, wishes & desires. The loves are so easy, no pondering necessary. What do I desire ? What do you desire ? top three wishes ? it's a very tough question.

Pondering on !


  1. authentic life
    all chill - no stress
    creatures. lots of creatures.

    ho hum. more awesome photos.

    hooooty hoooooooooooo

  2. hey Chick ! my mantra for August was "calm + creative" and thus far, knock on wood, day 16 & that's what it's happily been. I think I'm trying to think of even more specific "wants" & wishes"

    hmmmm ... ya know

    like my "handsome, animal loving, kind, smart, man with a pick up truck and a chain saw wish"
    & I got so much more than what I wished for ;-)

  3. ya gotta admit, around these parts anyway, it's a tres rare combination

    but hey ... I conjured him ;-)

  4. No way. We were JUST having a pillow case conversation an hour ago. Where do you get vintage stuff like that??? Must know.

  5. Beautiful photos :) Love the kitties basking in the sunshine and the gorgeous pup nose.

    I like the sound of the calm + creative.


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