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Monday, August 1, 2011

an assortment of 10 from yesterday & today's early morning walk along a mirror like harbour

Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are.

Chinese Proverb

Who do you think you are anyway ?!? yikes ... that one kinda makes my head spin. No spinning!

While sipping coffee in bed this early morning we listened in the stillness to fishing boats, one by one, leaving the harbour - it must be the beginning of herring season. The sky is noticeably darker each morning and the sunsets are a little earlier. So long June & July. Bye! Bye! Bye! Bonjour August !! a new month I have decreed as the month of calm & creativity. July, even part of June, were mostly yucky filled months with way too much angst & anxiety goin' on, stress & self inflicted meanness ...ergghhh ! I will breathe, sit in big patches of sunlight, be sweet to me, relax, breathe, have some fun, chill out, with no deadlines...just me* & my creativity. I promise.

* & of course Missy D and my most excellent design + art associate Don ( I mean Oliver)


  1. :)
    Susan, Your photos are incredible...

    I think we've had a similar summer...Here's to calm and creative and happy and well!

  2. Susan, Can I ask if the Cowboy is still in your life? You haven't mentioned him lately. I know it is none of my business but you have seemed a bit down lately and wondered if that was the reason. Please forgive me in this is an inappropriate question. I so appreciate waking up to your posts every morning in Washington state.

  3. Not inappropriate at all - and a big YES he - the Prince of mostly Good Things ;-) - is very much here & in our life. I guess I don't mention him much because I know that's what he'd prefer. I think I'm having a growth spurt and I think that's the main cause of the angst & anxiety. I'm stepping out a bit more, out & away from the isolated way I used to prefer living and honestly although I do believe it is good for me - it frightens often.

    Stay tuned for more updates on that crazy Prince's non stop restorative renovations of this old brick house and humongous jungle like yard.

    Maybe you missed this post N.

    & merci sweet Andrea an email to you ;-) here ! here !!!

  4. what is that white flower?! I love it. and, i need seeds. Thanks for being with me through "the process". I have a big surprise for you tonight. lets just say...ive reached the calm. Lets say August is the best art month ever!

    "nothing is over until we say its over" Bluto, from Animal House

  5. Chick it's like a little miniature white chrysanthemum quite a tall & spindly plant (in a good way), the little flowers are about a half inch across or smaller. I still need to send you the pretty blue (also mum or zinnia like) Chickory seeds & these 2. Get my Sh*T together. I likey surprises. Calm oui.

  6. Hot Pink Monday with a little undercover cat thrown in for good measure.

    Hey now that you're working at the post office, can we see your favorite Canadian stamps?

  7. hey sister;
    love #2 - it reminds me so much of waking up on absolutely still mornings at my mum's cottage on the river in southern NB. happy august!

  8. Happy August Susan. I too have a question - about Winnie D. She looks so well and healthy that I'm wondering what happened about her disorientation and funny spells. Those episodes of what seemed to be an age-related illness quite some time ago now. It was a worrying time. Is it something that just "righted itself" or is it something controlled with medication. I am so pleased she is till around.
    Lovely pics as always.

  9. ...oh and that quote is the best! How true... it never occurred to me to look at it that way!

  10. Hi Pam, that weird spell was last summer during a humid heat wave & I think it lasted a week or so. Of course in my usual manner I immediately prepared myself for worse, worst & worse than that. She's turned 12 in January and thankfully, these days, seems the picture of health - no medicine. She enthusiastically leads me along on our big morning hike, she eats well & hangs out with me every day in her bed under the TTD. Thank you for asking about Miss Winnie D, much love to you from all of us xoxo Susan

  11. My children were in awe over those cat and dog pics!!

    Joining you in declaring August a month of renewed calm...


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