oliver, oliver

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I wish to be an owl and sweet Oliver and I will steal away to sea in our beautiful pea green boat

Oliver, Oliver I love you.

Tuesday ... was a sad day.

I try hard to shield myself from the news. I don't read newspapers, I don't watch the television news and I don't visit any online news sights - I do listen to CBC Radio 1 all day long and into the evening and sometimes a bit of news leaks in, and finds me. News this week so shocking so cruel and evil it makes me feel sick and I wish so much that it hadn't found me ... that I could continue trying to live in my happy bubble, blissfully ignorant of so much of what goes on in the much bigger world outside my village ... but it did find me & now it haunts me. Bless their sweet souls.

The haunt is like a domino, or like a tumbling snowball rushing down a steep hill of fresh sticky snow gathering bits of other sadness & worry all around and it grows and grows. I start to wonder about all the terrible cruelty that's happening that we don't know about, cruelty in our own back yards, cruelty that goes unnoticed and/or unreported. Stop. I try and make myself think more about the outrage to this incident, the international outrage over this sled dog slaughter - surely there must be more of us then of them I tell myself. I have to try and believe that. I must not believe that the world we live in is mostly cruel & thoughtless ...

A sudden death Monday & our little village lost a favourite good & kind man. We miss you Tilley

a 3pm note - Oliver, Oliver is alive & well and by my side constantly egging me on to take his photo, again ... and I do - Mr. Oh So Photogenic & Absolute Best Cat Ever. Rachel & Millie reprimanded us via email for giving them a terrible fright. Oliver, Oliver followed by "a sad day" and all the many photos of his tres handsome self they instantly thought the worst, that our dear tabby mix, soft as can be, handy, athletic, etc etc ... cat had died. Oh my ! my, our, deepest apologies to anyone else who might also have had that same fright.


  1. Susan, I too am haunted by the cruelty in this world. I'm not always successful at keeping it at bay but your beautiful blog and pictures help everyday.

  2. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. And I am horrified by the cruetly in the world. It makes you feel so helpless. Random acts of kindness, that's what I do to try to make it a better place... sounds little and uneffective, but can you imagine if everyone just had that one habit. Kindness.

  3. Poor sweet baby loves. No animal should ever be treated in such a manner.

  4. I agree Karen that kindness is the answer, no matter how little or ineffective it may feel it is the only thing we can, or should do.
    That and to try and not dwell too much on the cruelty and those haunting thoughts and try to turn the anger at the world into something good ?!? I struggle often.

  5. I share your feelings, Susan. I just feel so helpless when I hear these stories of cruelty. So awful. I struggle too. I do what I can, as i know you and many who read here do.

  6. Hi Gorgeous Kitty cat. Do you see any of my breed in your area? I am a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

  7. Aww, love the one of Oliver nosing the teaspoon near the red cup adn then him in the sunlight on the window mantle.

  8. I try to stay away from the news, as well. It's too troubling. I spy two of my faves, Fisherman's Friend and Burt's Bees!


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