a stack of books

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the detail photos from my NEW photographic giclee print etsy listings

A stack of books ... and a new favourite pen.

Oh Bonjour brand new day !
Oh my, A big hello Tuesday
So long, too many blue & tough days in a row
Bubbles & scent waiting
A long morning walk with my girl Miss D
a freshly tidied desk
and lots of projects on the go

I have eight new, super saturated colour, floral polaroid giclee prints in my shop. Each image is 7 x 7 on an 8 x 10 sheet of dreamy, super heavy (400gm), textured water colour paper. Also a few giclee prints of my recent painting ventures on the same dreamy paper. More on painting soon.

some miscellanea - many of you know I'm a bit of a library freak. Avid is putting it mildly. I'm online at the Nova Scotia provincial public library site all the time. Looking up this, ordering that, researching by topic, key word, title, author ... it's heaven and a few buttons pressed, a library card #number keyed in, a password and presto ! - books will be sent here - to me - Hooray !! Once a week our little village library has book deliveries and most often because of this constant keenness of mine, there's a mile high stack of printed goodness waiting for me. This past week was a particularly fantastic week. Books currently bedside.

The truth about grief - Ruth Davis Konigsberg
Let's take the long way home - Gail Caldwell*
The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin
Strangers at the feast - Jennifer Vanderbes
Bird Cloud - Annie Proulx
Trauma - Patrick McGrath**
Around my French Table - Dorie Greenspan (I would love to buy this - it's fantastic !!!!)

*currently reading and almost finished
** next up

ps. I'm in love with this pen (black .03) I recently acquired 4 of them ... just in case


  1. I love Dorrie Greenspan. Must check that out.

  2. Glorious sight for these color-starved eyes. Hope you, your prince and le gang had a lovely V-Day. xx


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