oh happy day

Monday, February 7, 2011

Painting No.2 (bottom is the underlay) the collage-ed background I created to paint on top of

The top painting is not finished yet. I want to paint a little more on the leaves. Can't wait to see what Mati + Lisa have up their sleeves for Week 2 of - Get Your Paint On !! worth every penny already. Below the final version of my first painting - I think the little bit of black really added something. Have to stop today and work on another big fish, potential fame + fortune project.

Oh Happy day ! I'm having so much fun, it feels exactly how I hoped & imagined unabated creativite flow would feel like and that feeling is like a drug to my heart and soul and oh these bright cheery colours are so very welcome in my otherwise winter white & grey existence ... I can't really believe it I am so pleased with how my first painting has turned out and trust me I'm such a hard gal to please ;-) I had convinced myself that I would fail at this ... tis true.

Hooray !

Painting No. 1 - a garden, 10x8 mixed media - Susan Black


  1. Your work is so beautiful! Love the finished painting, the bright colors are so fantastic...love the underneath imagery peaking through. The top one is turning out fabulously too, love the leaves!!!

  2. Ok susan, THAT, is stunning. Love!


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