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Friday, February 11, 2011

30 floral moments chosen from thousands of moments caught forever by me - Susan Black

memory is a net

Uppercase the amazing Canadian design, craft, illustration, photography, typography - everything creative magazine has, on a regular basis, opportunities for artist & designers to submit work to be published in an upcoming issue. The latest that caught my eye was a submission request for "photographic florals" but/and to not necessarily take "it" too literally.

I've been wanting, needing to edit, sort, file and archive the thousands of photos hanging around in my iphoto, images just milling about in the hallways, no name tags, no classifications, no i.d - lost in the fray of my exuberance, with the ultimate goal of then archiving all these new folders, albums and sub albums (under summer find floral, under floral, find poppy etc...). I had an idea that I had roughly 12,000 images stored that needed my attention, as it turns out there are 23,459 photos, moments, memories and it's crazy but I'm a little bit attached to each and every one of them. Yesterday I did create many new folders, I created even more titled albums and yes I deleted hundreds of photos. I thought it would be easy, I thought my criteria for editing would be simple and based on things like composition, colour, light & meaning. Meaning coming last ...

I was wrong. So much meaning, memory, moments all caught, captured forever with love & joy in my vast net. I am so grateful that I have this almost 4 year daily documentation of my net of memories. This blog. This blog that continues daily to teach and show me who it is I really am.

last night's dinner - baked beans with veggie wieners, coleslaw, oranges & dark chocolate
last night's movie - Wallender Episode 2 - borrowed from our library. Stunning, amazing photography, fantastic acting, really awe inspiring - we LOVED it - highly recommended !!!
from the soundtrack the theme from the BBC version starring Kenneth Branagh (he's so good!)


  1. Wonderful pictures. Wonderful, happy, blog.

  2. Just what I needed on this grey, dank, drizzly English February day! What a tonic.

  3. This is a herculean task you have jumped into. It is the biggest concern for digital photographers, the sorting, filing and storing of our work. Even worse is when you've sorted and stored photos on a external hard drive that fails. If you haven't doubly backed up that work it's either gone or you pay through the nose to have a company retrieve those images. Could cloud computing be a solution? Heck just keeping up with the technology is tough.

    On the bright side we (your devoted readers) get to see such that awesome shot of a bee's ass. A photo that says "Look Lady I'm busy here, I got no time for you and your camera, I've got flowers to investigate"

    Thanks for Photo Friday

  4. Your blog makes me happy. :) Stop in when you get a chance. We got new fuzzy wuzzy chicks.

  5. love your floral shoots!!
    have a lovely day!!

  6. youve got some sure winners in there. I looked at all 70 on flickr yesterday. I love winnie in the clover -the happiness of that. But that third one of abstracted green is wonderful too. they all are! Just get a separate hard drive just for your photos. i know what you mean about deleting your life's experiences. it is hard. (for me it is easier because there are a lot of just bad photos that only remind my of how bad the photo sucks)

    have a great weekend and good luck with UC.

  7. Said it before, I'll say it again: Wow! Photo 1 pink-blinded me, a good shock to the senses, my retinas are still recovering. Photo 3 elicited a "My God, Susan". Now I really can't wait for the snow to melt and the warm Spring smells to start.

  8. Merci my friends ! and I apologize for this morning's many typos & grammatical errors. Just re-read and edited some more - I was rushing. Rushing & me, we don't get along xo S.

  9. Thank you for the beautiful color on this Friday!

  10. That bee picture is incredible. It is so clear and close. Did you take that yourself?!

  11. Awesome florals, you do have such a way! Great bee but especially love the 3rd one for its gritty abstract sharpness.
    There's definitely winners in this batch.


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