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Saturday, February 12, 2011

30 more ... favourite floral memories - Susan Black


  1. Ooooh...gorgeous. Love your desk area. Those photos gave me a bit of spring fever!

  2. You know I'm loving the Polaroids. I know we're supposed to love each season for what it is but seeing your flowers really helps me with the white season.


  3. And me - but with the grey season that we have here. Grey and mud-coloured.....

  4. Yes Rachel, which why Susan's flowers are a godsend. I can feel the sun's warmth in the petals, I can smell the Princely cut grass, I can feel the warm breeze in my hair. It gets me through my day of melting slush, salt covered car and red stiff hands.

    That's not to say Susan's winter photos aren't spectacular....they most certainly are but I can't help but love the flowers.

  5. These pictures have made my day Susan!
    Nasturtiums, alliums , poppies - lots of glorious colours and pups on apple macs!
    Thanks for some winter sunshine!

  6. Hiya Susan, I've missed reading you the last several days and I have the BIGGEST smile on my face catching up with you again. So fun to see what you're up to and your photographs are soooo beautiful.

  7. Spring is right around thecorner
    Benny & Lily


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