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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

we're lovin' our little village by the sea summertime life - but hey bonjour September !

1.) hollyhocks in gorgeous pink & palest yellow 2.) Missy D at the beach 3.) Bleet hearts Sam,
a whole lot !! 4.) from a wildflower mix - coreopsis perhaps ?? 5.) tall early morning shadows along the old lobster factory 6.) hello seagull with a view 7.) the salt mine looking stunning in greys 8.) more coreopsis & rudbeckia avec you-know-who 9.) a cottage along the crescent beach 10.) ahhhhh cosmos I do love you 11.) this morning, a red sailboat, cloudy sky & low tide

11:00 am - just listened to Gian interview Brian Wilson - I first heard this song at a time in my life when I was very lost - it's so weird how listening to a song you have loved can make you feel those feelings that you felt all those long years ago. I so wanted then to hear & feel these words.


  1. Awww, I love when dogs and cats get along so well.

  2. dearest Shammy Sham - you win the best (& sweetest) blog reader award. Thank you for always popping in to say a little something here in les comments ... a little hello, every day. We really appreciate it !

    YOU WIN an allegedly fabulous gift package to be shipped out to you & Jackson one day very soon ;-)

    you & MS - xo + merci !!

  3. Hey,my gift is coming here every day and enjoying little glimpses into your life, your furry pack and hot pink flowers.

  4. I have a dog and cat that relate like that - except they wouldn't stop for long to look at each other, too much chasing about and batting at each other. Congrats on getting them to pose!


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