cherry clafoutis

Sunday, July 31, 2011

it's cherry season & I love eggy, crepey, custardy desserts so it's a cherry clafoutis for me

I used Marie's recipe, from the 66 square feet the food edition and because I'm following a low/no carb food plan (yes it's true*) I substituted Splenda for the sugar and almond meal/flour for the flour in the recipe. Topped with real whipped cream (allowed sparingly) sweetened again with Splenda + a dash of pure vanilla extract.

*I'm someone who has had issues with food addiction my whole life. Emotional eating, binging at times always on the nutrition free kind of carbs. Oohy, gooey sweet stuff & salty snacks like potato chips and cheetos cheesies :-( have been my drug of choice for as long as I can remember. I don't drink anymore, I don't smoke anymore, no recreational drugs anymore. It feels like it's time to address the food stuff, finally once & for all. So, I'm finding this new plan just short of a miracle, the low carb/no carb eating plan (a lower fat version of Atkins - see the Dukan Diet) is shockingly easy to follow, I'm never hungry, have lost 8lbs easily and if you enjoy cooking like I do it's fun to try adapting recipes like this one or this favourite lemon dessert. Funny thing - if you stop eating carbs - you stop craving them - shut ! up!! who knew? It's true. These days here's how I get my vicarious carb kicks ... thinking about & imagining how some of these babies might taste & also remembering the sluggish, doped up feeling they often gave me.

I'm so lovin' the twangy, slide guitar country sound of this Kings of Leon song


  1. hey there;
    yum - that looks absolutely scrumptious!
    i've been itching to make clafoutis ever since i got a fantastic recipe from our daughter's teacher (she's from brittany, where her mother owned a restaurant/patisserie for years). i think i'm going to try mine with raspberries from our bushes over at the farm, though.
    happy weekend, and best to doug et tout l'equipe - n

  2. yummm - raspberry would be delicious N. or blueberry as well and picked fresh from your own crop makes it taste even better xo s

  3. On my way over. Save me a piece.

  4. I see your clafoutis and raise you a Georgia Peach soufflé.

  5. Reading about your food addiction really hit home for me. I am going through a major shake up in my life right now and have been craving change....a second chance at treating myself kinder and becoming healthy for once in my life. The Dukan Diet has me highly intrigued and I believe may be just what I have been looking for. Thank you! Your words and photos always inspire me and lift my spirits :)

  6. Hi Michele, (all the way in Oregon) I honestly cannot believe how easy this combo Atkins/Dukan plan is I'm losing weight quickly & efficiently (which is very motivating)and as I said best of all you stop craving things. Incredible !! Both The Dukan Diet and the New Atkins Diet books are available at most libraries (that's where I got my copies) and another book for anyone who has any kind of food issue is Geneen Roth's fantastic Women, Food & God (it's not about God in any Christian sense at all) it's about the God in all of us. The God that whispers (apparently) to us "that we are perfect & special just as we are".

    some links for you

    xo Susan & les Gang

  7. Thanks, Susan, for the links and other info! I'm heading to the library today to see what books they may have. :)

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