Saturday, July 23, 2011

foggy calm and queen anne's lace this early morning walk along the harbour with Miss D

When you open yourself to the continually changing,
impermanent, dying nature of your own being and of reality,
you increase your capacity to love and care about other people
and your capacity not to be afraid.

Pema Chodron

Our little village is in the midst of another festival of sorts - the smell of deep fryers, the sounds of trucks endlessly backing up ? volleyball action at the water's edge, helicopter rides every 15 mins over our house (sigh) & music in the evenings on the stage in the park a stone's throw away from our open windows. Last night while hanging out at the TTD* with my most excellent assistant I heard a pretty good cover of this fav Blue Rodeo song. I bet Moose is singin' along.

*TTD - les beautiful, huge, gifted by friend Harry, beloved teak topped desk


  1. words i needed to read today. thanks for posting. loved that cool foggy first photo.

  2. looks cool and inviting. makes me want to be there.

  3. i just love the second photo *sigh* i LOVE that plant! though, i much prefer your name 'queen anne lace' to the yokey british 'cow parsley'! much more delicate and poetic :)

  4. Lovely images; shame about the helicopter!

  5. Hope the heli's are gone! Mom just brought me back down from the mountains and read your fabulous post...merci for thinking of me + wish we could be there listening to music, eating fish + hammering a few nails. Mom saw Blind Pilot, she thinks you may want to check them out on Utube. Tail wags + happy foggy days...ah.

  6. the helicopters are terrible ... they don't even stop during the live performances which are happening on the stage in the park ...
    yikes how inconsiderate is that ??

    Some part of almost every song drowned out by engines, smoke & fumes
    ... one more day of it.


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