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Monday, July 4, 2011

poppies - 17 x 10.5 - acrylic on water colour paper - Susan Black

Kitty left the most amazing feedback regarding my poppy painting in this comment section suggesting that I get rid of that funny bit of pale blue sky - I did promptly and took a better photo (not such harsh bright lighting) and oh my - what a difference ! Merci Kitty

Week 3 Get Your Paint On was all about colour - choose a limited palette (4 colours) I chose red, yellow green & black. For some reason when my focus is colour rather than style I seem to do much better, I relax a little - it's just a painting exercise ?!? I guess I just haven't figured out my personal style yet which is a frustration at times but something that I know I can't force (remember Ira's advice ! - I should watch his video at the beginning of each & every day.

Last winter's GYPO class my week 3 colour assignment I painted these - geraniums at the time this painting seemed a huge breakthrough, funny only 6 brief months ago and now it hardly seems like a breakthrough at all. This weeks assignment is all about composition ....
No pressure !! & I really mean it and feel it this time ;-)

Currently working on a jewellery design project (hooray !) & currently reading Blood, Bones & Butter : the Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef - very good !! Chef owner of Prune NYC


  1. Susan,
    Nice painting, you have captured it well.
    If I put my thumb over the blue sky at the top to block it, it changes the painting to be dramatic, the eye goes to the big poppy on the right.
    Enjoy your creativity, you are so lucky to have it, it is a gift beyond measure and you are wonderful to share it with us all.
    All my best, Kitty

  2. Wow ! Kitty what a difference !!
    thank you !! this photo also taken in better (not so harsh) lighting


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