courage & chocolate

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the setting sun evening light in my favourite room in our home - the chocolate brown bedroom

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the little voice
at the end of the day that says
I'll try again tomorrow.

Mary Anne Radmacher

I'll be honest, I usually am here. Especially when I post an image of my artwork, something
new, a struggle, a practice, a journey & no one says a thing ... it hurts. There is an expectation, a hope. More so than any other post. Encouragement, constructive critique ... anything. I hate poppies even. My heart (+ confidence) is especially soft where new creative endeavours live. Merci Shammy ! it means a lot.

A dozen photos from the last few weeks ...


  1. oh, sh!t.... I was going to rave about how I can't wait until you put prints of the poppies in your shop... got busy, figured that you'd be mentioning it soon... Even more than geraniums, I love poppies... the grace of their buds and the fleetingness (a word?) of their blossoms. It seems that we get serious rain and wind the week that the perennial ones bloom here. Anyway, you've captured their essence in this one, dear Susan. Please know that even when we get distracted and don't get to comment that we love your work... (I've been intrigued with the dandilions as well.) Kathie

  2. Coming here to read your wrds, see your glorious photos, is like being n vacation....and I didn't have to pack a thing.

  3. I think you forgot that it was the 4th of July yesterday and most Americans were busy grilling copious amounts of meat and celebrating their god given right to blow crap up.

    I think your poppies are beautiful and I love the courage it takes to put up your work for the world to see. I wish my financial status would allow me to raid your Etsy shop because the longer I wait, the more I'm going to have to fight your growing fan base.

  4. beautiful as always. Ill take the pizza, oliver and that last sky. You are in my treasury - its posted on the chickory blog.

  5. xoxo Shammy - my sad story was based on sitemeter stats I'm afraid.

    I know people think they have to say something "nice" not true - just perhaps say some thing - "love that red", "your painting course sounds fun" ...this is what makes me wonder about having a comment section at all ... it can be so demoralizing at times. Happy belated 4th to all you US of A'ers ;-)

  6. Well I for one am glad it's not hot pink.


  7. Susan,
    I rarely comment but look forward to your posts every day. I have been following you for a couple years now and feel as though you are a friend I will never meet. Thanks for brightening my days.

  8. thank you ngillard
    that's very sweet to hear
    xo S & les Gang

  9. I just love your photographs.
    And I love seeing Miss Winnie.
    I spy a fellow crossword puzzler, too.

  10. You so infrequently seem to reply to comments, I thought they weren't terribly important to you - my mistake. As someone who can't even write her name without a line to keep it straight - I am envious of all of you who can create wonderful pieces for the rest of us to enjoy. Thank you for sharing your talents with me.

  11. Hi Lorri, Thank you for your comment and I think you'll find I do try to respond to any questions left in my comment section.

    I think any blogger that says comments aren't important would be lying. I think "we" especially crave them when we say, do or make something we feels is profound, or brave, or especially honest ... (to us). It's like saying a big loud hello and not hearing any voice say hello back.

    I know to some it may seem like I have this creative thing all sewn up. I have been working as a creative person a very long time yet I still have high aspirations & many big new mountains to climb. I like challenging myself and this trying on the "artist" hat rather than "designer" is a big deal for me. I was writing from the heart this morning ... feeling a little hurt that's all - a little fragile.

    Please don't think y'all that now you have to comment on every little thing but please know that here at 29 Black Street we love comments, we always have ... xo S & the Gang

  12. I know you your posts, I think I missed the previous one! With the textile art stuff that I do, I know where you're coming

  13. Oh dear...
    I love the quote and it is SO true...As are your words...
    I've been lackadiasical in my blog reading lately. God, Summer kicks my butt...
    I agree with removing the wee bit of sky but I also like how that wee bit gives perspective. So ambivalent!
    I am loving your recent paintings and works...Keep it up!

  14. I've recently started following your blog and haven't been able to read all the previous ones yet! I'm on holidays in Sydney and hurray I MIGHT get some time. My favourite photos from your post are: Green Leaves, Daisy and the last one the landscape.
    I know how you feel about comments! Sometimes I have heaps of people viewing my blog posts but not one comment! I think ├žome on people! just a little bit of feedback would be nice! Even one word! lol.

  15. What Andrea said: I am hit and miss these days, but ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS love every photo and post. You are AWESOME and I so admire you that you are willing to "try again tomorrow".
    This Texas gal adores you and your work!


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