Sunday, March 25, 2012

20 of 487 - my most recent upload into the hallowed & overstuffed halls of my mac's iphoto

mostly muted - a series of predominantly beige's.

I love taking photos. I love looking. I love making collections & groupings of very different images ... finding that one common thread. This time les beige's. Happiest Sunday !


  1. happy sunday indeed! i can't believe how much snow you guys still have - it was 29 degrees here last week! not a lick o' snow left - i was just out in my sandals.
    xo n

  2. We don't have snow either n. as I mentioned in the cut line for this series I'd just uploaded 487 photos dated from March 16th - yesterday.

    Since then we've had plenty of blue sky days, freakishly hot weather & poof snow & ice disappeared overnight.

  3. Poof, snow and ice gone? That happened to us on our recent trip north.

    Marshmallows and chocolate chips. This is good.

    I have one kiddo who loves to take pics like this. I need to let her have my camera every time she goes outside and see what she comes up with.

  4. start 'em young I say. She takes great photos - tried to leave her a comment but Wordpress & me are not getting along & if you can swing it (if you already haven't) spring for a mac - perfect for lil' creative ones. A ton of love to you & the sweeties xo S & les Gang

  5. Your dog has such a wonderful face. Such character !

  6. I love your beiges. Especially the furry ones.


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