Thursday, March 29, 2012

get noticed ! an ad I created for April to run on the sidebar of fav maker's blog Elise Joy Blaha

design brief

size of ad - 170 x 100 pixels
communicate - what I do (in as few words as possible)
objective - get noticed ! (hopefully ;-)

Pretty much finished my illustration project, just a few kind of picky improvements I'd like to make, wee tweaks & extras. Then onto a big juicy jewellery design project & creating the extra pages for my relaunch of les blog redesign. tres exciting.

The word around here these days is most definitely can

Yes you can ! (Oliver) Yes I Can ! Yes we can, can !
ps. MS ! Oui ! Oliver is the most excellent partner in this Creative Empire building


  1. "S - U - S -A - N - !
    If she can't do it, nobody can!"

    i absolutely love the ad.
    ahhh, typography...sigh...

    xo n

  2. gee thanks n. coming from you that's a might big compliment xos

    wow 'em with pink eh ?

  3. PS: not exactly crows, but close

    my newest "can't wait to read"!! i'll send it along to you when we're done w. it.

    xo n

  4. Loving your recent posts, and happy to see Oliver is helping out. Hehe

  5. Love the ad! So cool that it'll be on Elise's blog. She's one of my favourites too.


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