young & fun

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

with no particular hierarchy les current top ten favourite flowers here at 29 Black Street 1. cosmos 2. sweet peas 3. poppies 4. zinnias 5. peonies 6. nasturtiums 7. morning glory 8. hollyhock 9. columbine 10. lupins

It takes a long time to become young
Pablo Picasso

young & fun. the older I get the younger I feel. how fantastic is that?

subtitled - some swivel office chair dancing* ... are ya ready ? 

 Fun (thanks Amanda) & Foster the People

we are young so let's set the world on fire
we can burn brighter than the sun

* a most excellent work out for the arms


  1. I love both of these songs! A new favourite of mine by Fun is "Some Nights":

    My roommates are probably getting sick of it because I've been playing it on repeat :)


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