airy fairy

Saturday, October 27, 2012

oh my the ocean / pink window box impatience / more puddle skies / our street / seagulls / window box medley at the village hall / asparagus fronds / zinnias blooming still

airy fairy
subtitled Moon Child

I've been in shadow this week - in deep shade. Something's up with me & this made me feel better. I know, I know it's a bit airy fairy - but I like it - it makes me feel relieved Bohemian Tarotscope Cancer edition

The Moon - this card signals a period of Not Knowing. It’s just a phase, but for now things aren’t what they seem. It’s hard to find your bearings in the dark, so slow down. Take a breath – or three. Let go of any expectations for the moment, let go of a need to control or master this changeable situation. Don’t fight the current, flow with it. This is a Yin time, your intuition is a better guide then your senses will be. Know that even common, everyday things appear strange (even scary!) when distorted as they are by shadow. Things will return to their normal shape under the light of the sun…and do trust that the sun will rise again.

Phew ! I say ! Phew, phew, phew ! It's been a very strange, difficult week full of tears & worry & upset I got to thinking, got to worrying that it was me - that it was all about me being, well you know, (politely) messed up. Phew (again) turns out it's just that darn airy fairy Moon. 


  1. Dear Susan,
    We watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel the other evening. The best quote I have heard in ages was in the film, stated more than once by the young hotel manager Sonny (played by Dev Patel), paraphrased - In the end everything will be OK, if everything isn't OK, then it isn't the end.
    Very good line. I would like to live under that premise and I think I will.
    All my best to you during these airy days. It will all be OK :)

  2. I've had a difficult week too. It was one of those feeling depressed for no particular reason. Aren't you a moon child too? Maybe that's the reason.
    Oh, and I loved The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (which Kitty mentioned.)
    That first photo made me feel so cold. It reminded me of The Winter's Tale, which I am reading right now.

  3. Claire Q. (Mt.Tremblant)October 28, 2012 at 10:37 AM

    Stunning photos Susan! You still have flowers there? Jack Frost was here last week.

  4. You're OK.

    Love the reflection shot.

  5. I think we all have those moments. I know I do and have for a while, but I know things will get better eventually at least I have faith that they will. May the airy fairy run off with Jack Frost!

  6. I have been feeling the same way.. I think that it's something in the air... or maybe the changing light conditions or season.. it's like a hunkering down or hibernating effect. makes me wonder if the world is askew ... makes me want to be more of a hermit than ever.
    I know one thing for sure I feel much better tonight after I "deactivated" my Facebook account. good riddance to that! what an anxiety creating site... an old friend once told me he wanted to change the name of it to (pardon me) "assbook" and now I tend to agree with him.
    Go easy on yourself..


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