unspeakable cruelty

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Winnie / Miss D on the crescent beach / after heavy rain / beach grass / more periwinkle love / low tide / beautiful Winnie Dixon - LOVE her SO MUCH

I find myself a bit derailed. Off my rails. I'm guess I'm still in recovery mode.

Thank you for the comments of enthusiastic support re my microphone / podium / speaking engagement - I kind of collapsed in on myself emotionally after all was said and done. Thrilled and happy with how it all went, excited and proud of myself that perhaps "speaking engagements" could/might be something that I begin to look forward to in the future ... instead of perpetually dreading. It was a very difficult thing for me to do and I'd been stressed about it for days and days, perhaps weeks. Thursday was my first day of recovery, I had hoped to be back on track by Friday.

So Friday I was already at a low point, building my emotional strength back up again when there was another incident of unspeakable cruelty with the poor barking dog two streets over. I first heard the dog (a young shepherd mix who's name will be kept secret to protect him) barking at 3pm. Friday felt like winter here. The temperature just above freezing with howling wind & driving, steady pelting rain. The sun goes down here around 7pm. That poor dog barked non stop, desperately, yelping, pleading for 4 hours straight. By 7:30 I became possessed, it's the only way I can describe it. Like a frantic trapped wild animal - wanting, desiring so desperately to help this dog but not knowing what to do, being afraid of a terrible confrontation and afraid that I could end up unintentionally making the situation much worse for the dog. What kind of person makes their dog stay outside in frigid, wet weather with no shelter while he begs non stop to come in ?

I dropped to my knees at one point crying and I prayed frantically to God to please help the dog and then put my jacket on and walked over and stood outside the back of the house. The dog was tied and up on the deck with his paws on the windowsill looking into the well lit house barking, yelping, pleading ... please let me in.

barking, yelping, pleading
barking, yelping, pleading
barking, yelping, pleading
barking, yelping, pleading
barking, yelping, pleading
barking, yelping, pleading
barking, yelping, pleading
barking, yelping, pleading

I wished I had a megaphone. 

I yelled HEY !! as loud as I could at the house. HEY !! HEY !! I wanted to scream

What I would've yelled if I had my megaphone is  


I walked around to the front of the house and by this time I was soaking from tip to toe water dripping down my face. Every light was on upstairs and down and no car in the driveway, I stood there a very long time trying to decide what to do. I was frantic. I didn't trust that the dog wouldn't bite me if I tried to take him - he was so stressed by this point. I couldn't see anyone in the house. I believed (and felt relieved) that no one was home because how could someone be home and listen to their dog bark like that and not let them in - what kind of person would do that ? Discouraged, I walked home - by this time it was 8pm so the dog had been outside with no shelter 5 hours barking endlessly, begging with his voice, soaked,& freezing. I called the RCMP when I got home and pleaded with the constable on the phone to do something. To call the house or go over there and tell the people YOU CANNOT TREAT YOUR ANIMAL THAT WAY !!!! WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS UNSPEAKABLY CRUEL !!! He finally agreed to try something and promised to call me right back.

Someone was home all along. One call from the RCMP and the dog was let inside instantly around 8:15 that night. I've since called everyone I know who lives in the vicinity of this dog. Imploring them to please be listening for future occurrences like this one and gave them the appropriate numbers to call to help this dog in distress. Much of the time people don't know that they can help. They don't know who to call. There is always strength in numbers. I will call the provincial humane society on Monday when their offices are open again. Since Friday night I've not heard the dog barking for longer than 10-15 minutes at a time (a completely acceptable amount of time).

I am so angry.
I am so getting myself a mega-phone.
Ya don't want to mess with me
not with this issue ... 
You cannot frighten me away

Happy Sunday to all
& thanks so much for listening.

ps. Missy D's vet appointment went very well, a perfectly beautiful urine sample & a clean bill of health - hooray !


  1. As much as your story hurts to read, I am encouraged by your bravery and concern for creatures who trust humans to be responsible and handle that responsibility with honor and dignity. I say "you go girl" and hopefully this poor animal will live a better life!

  2. you are my hero, we can no longer turn our head, we are in this life together, turn toward and do the right thing. feel the fear and do it anyway

  3. How, how, how can people be so stupid. It's not much to ask is it - so yes, if it's not stupidity it's cruelty, and that is a quality in humans that I find both inconceivable and unforgivable. You're my hero Susan.

  4. Well done Susan! I learned a long time ago I feel worse if a see a bad situation and walk away than I do if I get involved. So I get involved, even though my personality strongly prefers to avoid confrontation.

    I like your idea of recruiting help from neighbors. Perhaps you could coordinate taking turns to call the house first and then the RCMP if no action is taken.

    You are doing the right thing here. You know it.

  5. Thank you Chriss, Mary, John & Pam for commenting - I don't feel like a hero I feel most often very alone with this craziness. You are exactly right John. As much as I'd like to stay put, peaceful & quiet here in my own perfect bubble world. It makes me feel physically sick to not at least 'try" something. I still feel very angry but I feel so much better now that I know I've done everything I can think of.

    I feel crazed by people like this. I feel bitterly disappointed. I had to beg the RCMP to do something. Inconceivable & unforgivable is right Pam. It also feels good to thump my chest & rage on about it all here. So, again, thank you friends for hearing me, for commiserating xoxo Susan

  6. I cannot understand people who treat their animals like that, it is totally incomprehensible.
    Thank you for being an advocate for that poor dog. You seem to have put a good call system in place. Hope the pressure puts an end to this situation.
    The best result would be for this dog to have a new home... we could put a kidnap posse together!

  7. Oh Susan, this is so painful. I welled up reading your frustration and for the hurt the dog must feel - oh to be left outside like that and ignored. The tears.......

    I applaud your compassion - it is what brings me here every day - really. Please be careful for your own safety. The neighborhood watch and RCMP on speed dial are good first lines of defense.

    Would perhaps these folks allow a Winnie visit to help open lines of communications - perhaps a walk to the shore with Winnie might help end some of the loneliness.

    I love the first picture of Winnie's legs.

    Kitty USA

  8. Susan, my husband and I feel your pain to the depth of our soul. We are praying for this poor unfortunate animal whose only advocate appears to be you. THANK GOD FOR YOU!!!!! Sadly, here in North Texas we see situations like this sometimes on a daily basis...dogs tied to trees with no shelter, food or water; collars so tight/small that the dogs neck has grown in AROUND the collar, leaving a gut-wrenching gash/open wound beneath it....so starved and skinny they look like skin stretched over bones and the owners doing NOTHING for that dog. One man allowed his son's Pit Bull to starve nearly to death in his own back yard because he said the dog was not his problem. Mercifully the neighbors called the local pound, who came and confiscated the dog, and then those neighbors were able to adopt the dog. I cannot fully describe to you the murderous rage that engulfs me as I see and hear about these circumstances. You are doing all you can do, short of stealing the dog (which I have done with NO APOLOGIES). I live in a huge metropolitan city where I am able to secret a dog away without much fear of being found out. But I will readily risk jail to save a dog. I have a big heart but no sense people tell me. Why on earth do these people want a dog if he is not to be part of their family? Thank you for keeping us posted!!! We are all pulling for the dog and for you in all your AWESOMENESS!!!!
    All our love from the South!!!

  9. This makes me so angry! That poor dog! Thank you, Susan, for having the courage and compassion to try and help him!

  10. I LOVE YOU for helping that dog.


  11. I'm with Vickie - why have a dog if it's not going to be a part of your family. I also think people should have to take a test to own an animal - like sitting your driver's exam - because, obviously, there are people who should never, ever own a pet!!!

    Good on you, Susan, for being brave and compassionate :)

  12. it is unspeakable cruelty. When I was in college, my boyfriend and I actually did steal a dog from an abusive home. it was just as you said -it was turning us into crazy people we could not hear it. Nobody cared either - never saw lost dog signs or never saw them looking for her. She lived, happily, with boyfriends best friends sister for 10 years. Cruelty, savagery, indifference. all hallmarks of a culture in free fall. its the little things we do that hold the dark back. good on you, friend.

  13. Must confess that I would NEVER go knock on their door. People can get pretty weird. I WOULD call authorities repeatedly. What happens when you call Northumberland Veterinary Services as they're listed as being your local Humane Society contact ? If it happens again I'd send them an anonymous letter (coward that I am) saying that if they keep leaving their dog out -- I'll keep complaining.

    Try not to "wear this" emotionally. You're the good guy here.


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